Living in Spain


1. The climate

With over 325 days of sunshine a year and little or no rain, the climate of Spain gives you the feel good factor to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

2. Food and Drink

The Mediterranean diet is known to be one of the healthiest in the world and international cuisine from every corner of the globe can be sampled in the huge choice of restaurants. Specialty dishes of fresh seafood brought in every day by the local fishing fleets and traditional tapas served at local bars are popular with residents and visitors alike who enjoy this very cosmopolitan way of life.

3. History

The towns and villages of Spain are steeped in history and traditions. The beautiful architecture of the castles and churches makes it an ideal place to visit and sample the delights of a rich and colourful heritage.

4. Golf and leisure

If its leisure pursuits you are seeking, Spain is the place to be. For golf enthusiasts there is a huge choice of championship standard golf courses with excellent facilities and in coastal regions you can find many water sports activities to suit every age group.

5. Investment

Spain is still the most popular destination to purchase a home overseas. Property prices have shown a consistent year on year growth with properties purchased off plan still the best investment. There is a vast choice of well built, freehold properties which carry a builders 10-year structural guarantee.

6. Infrastructure

The demand for new developments has brought huge improvements in the infrastructure of Spain over the past few years. Excellent communications and a network of modern road systems have made getting around easier than ever.

7. Health and Education

In line with the increasing population, modern medical facilities are to be found in most areas of Spain and the educational standards are comparable with any major city in Europe

8. Getting there

With the advent of a large number of budget airlines, traveling to Spain has never been easier. Fare prices are very competitive and flights take two and a half hours to most regions.

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