Lillian Too – A Leading Feng Shui Practitioner


Lillian Too is one of the leading Feng Shui advocates and practitioners in the world.

She has studied with some of the greatest masters and soaked up the in-depth knowledge that they revealed to her. Her studies span over 30 years.

Lillian had a lucrative banking career,Lillian Too – A Leading Feng Shui Practitioner Articles which she retired from to learn and practice Feng Shui; she is the living proof that this ancient Chinese notion works. She learned to apply this notion in her everyday life, and it has helped her achieve tremendous luck and successes in business, personal life, and all other aspects of her life.

Having graduated with an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Harvard Business School, she grew to be the first female head of a public company in Malaysia. In 1982, she became the first female CEO of a Bank in Asia. These true triumphs of hers were followed by a number of other extraordinary accomplishments in the competitive world of banking.

Having built a substantial career and a nice bank account, she retired and devoted herself to motherhood and writing. Lillian Too has achieved extraordinary results in writing – she is the bestselling Feng Shui writer in the world. She wrote over 80 bestsellers that are translated into 30 foreign languages. Articles about this extraordinary person were published in a number of newspapers, magazines, and journals.

Later, Lillian Too founded WOFS – a feng shui retail company, as well as the institute of certified consultants, which runs certified courses in feng shui. Her programs are very in-depth – they incorporate classroom lectures and on-site investigations (homes, apartments, and offices), which are followed by discussions and daily revisions. These intensive programs give a firm ground in the fundamentals, and teach the students the various formulas to perform an effective review of a property.

She also conducts master classes on Chinese destiny chart examination, in order to reveal a person’s wealth potential, as well as the potential and timing for their success, luck, love life, and more. These evaluations can help to actualize anyone’s potential.

Lillian Too lives in Kuala Lumpur, and her home is a true example of the calm and serenity that can be achieved by implementing feng shui; her home is a true tribute to this ancient notion. Lillian decided to share 356 photographs of her home with the readers in her book named “Living with Good Feng Shui.” The book and photographs explain how exactly Lillian enhances her living and working space with feng shui.   Lillian plans and hopes to keep increasing the global reach of feng shui through her books and teachings, which should help anyone achieve more from their lives.

The earth still has puzzles for people to solve, but some people have learned to identify many of the unseen patterns better than others. An ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-tzu said: “Let food be delicious, clothing – beautiful, home – friendly, and life – joyful.” The last statement reflects the essence of Feng Shui, as well as it reflects exactly what Lillian Too helps people achieve using this art and science.

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