Legal Forms Can Allow the Landlord to Enter His Tenant’s Property


Even though,Legal Forms Can Allow the Landlord to Enter His Tenant’s Property    Articles a landlord owns the property; he does not have the full authority to enter the property. According to law, landlords are not expected to enter his tenant’s property. In California, for example, they have a law that allows the landlord to enter the rental unit but not at all times, only during some specific situations.

  A notice, is a legal form, detailing the landlord’s reasons are stated into a properly written notice. It is always given in advance. 

      Here are possible reasons or situations wherein a landlord may enter the rental property:

    • Repairs
    • Improvements and decorations
    • Provide services as requested by the tenant
    • Inspect the unit in case the tenant moves out of the property
    • Check the condition of the unit
    • Install and occasionally inspect the waterbed

  In some cases, the landlord can enter the property without any written notice. For example, if the tenant has met an accident,  

      In case of an emergency, a mishap, or if the tenant abandons the rental unit, the landlord is allowed to enter the premises. The tenant allows the landlord to get in if he/she has given his/her permission to do so, especially in cases of repair or maintenance. For other cases, the landlord should only enter the property based on the agreed time and place. Otherwise, the landlord is not permitted to enter the rental unit at all.  
   Prior to entering the property, a hour notice should be given to the tenant. When the tenant has already been properly notified, the landlord can enter provided that he does so during normal business hours. If he wishes to do so during odd hours, he has to ask permission again from the tenant.

   Such a written notice should be personally given to the tenant. If he/she is not around, it can be left with someone of appropriate age who’s staying in the unit as well. As a landlord, you should see to it that this notice gets to the tenant as this your tool to check on your property.  If the landlord decides to mail the notice, a gap of 6 days between mailing and entry should be properly observed. The landlord has no right to harass or threaten the tenant just because he is not allowed to enter the property. There’s always a proper way of negotiations through legal forms, so landlords should not risk their reputation and their property. to harassment or mistreat him/her because he is allowed to enter the property.

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