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Joey’s academy is dedicated to providing education on Feng Shui,Joey Yap – Providing Global Feng Shui Education Articles Mian Xiang, BaZi, and a number of other subjects related to Chinese Metaphysics. Additionally, he is the CEO and Chief Consultant at Yap Global Consulting – an international consulting company specializing in Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui audits and services.

Joey has been invited as a speaker to TV and radio shows; he has written for the 2 leading newspapers in Malaysia; he has been featured in a number of popular global networks, such as Bloomberg, Time International, and Forbes International. In 2005 and 2008 he hosted his personal TV series dedicated to Feng Shui on the Malaysian networks.

Joey Yap is a writer who has written around 30 books on the topics of Feng Shui, Face Reading, Yi Jing, and Chinese Astrology. Joey started writing Feng Shui books in 2002, and his books were received well. Some of his books became best sellers in Asian countries (some have topped the Singaporean and Malaysian MPH bookstores’ lists of bestsellers), as well as they received impressive reviews worldwide. Today, Joey is a recognized international author.

Books written by Joey Yap concentrate on the topics of Chinese Metaphysics, Feng Shui for homes and apartments, astrology, personal date selection, Feng Shui Flying Stars, BaZi destiny code, and Mian Xiang face reading. The topics on face reading cover: face palaces, positions, shapes, and the significance of birthmarks and moles. The topics on Feng Shui for homes cover: interior and exterior, the main door, bedrooms, kitchens, life Gua, and house Gua. Joey offers creative learning systems for Feng Shui students and practitioners in the form of workbooks, CD ROMs, and training toolkits, making it easier to learn these involved subjects. Thousands of students have mastered Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui through Joey’s books, learning programs, and online training. Joey’s courses are taught by around 30 instructors worldwide. Joey strives for a peaceful coexistence with all Feng Shui schools, which would help to remove any learning barriers that confrontations tend to create. He publishes a free monthly newsletter with instructions for enthusiasts.

Joey conducts a yearly seminar “Feng Shui and Astrology” in Kuala Lumpur (attended by around 3500 people on average). This seminar is also conducted in Frankfurt, San Francisco, Toronto, New York, Sydney, London, and Singapore.

Yap Global Consulting offers consultations on Feng Shui and Astrology for anyone interested in these ancient notions, including individuals and corporations. The info that can be obtained through his consulting includes: estate planning, land selection, and destiny analysis (both, for corporations and individuals). The information is provided for residences, offices, corporate headquarters, and commercial properties. The company also offers seminars for corporations and private individuals. The company has a team of international consultants who conduct Feng Shui consulting and audits practically anywhere in the world.

Joey Yap has worked with Microsoft, Bloomberg, HSBC, Samsung, IBM, Alliance, HP, GreatEastern, Citibank, OCBC, SIME UEP, AutoBavaria, Volvo, AXA, CIMB, Hong-Leong, and others.

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