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Having been a Certified Feng Shui Consultant for almost ten years now,Is it Time for a Space Clearing? Articles I have come across many clients that are very troubled by the feeling or sighting of an “existence” in their homes.  Oftentimes it is a non-threatening presence that they feel; other times they are experiencing electrical problems that cannot be explained.  And quite often clients will relate to me that they actually see the outline or existence of a person.  It is unnerving to many to say the very least and some are threatened by it and are not comfortable in their own homes.

I have studied parapsychology in depth and have visited the famous Rhine Institute where investigations into out of body experiences, thought processes, psychometry, mind reading and many other studies of various forms have taken place.  They are done under the strictest methods available such as using sound proof booths and separate rooms entirely for their studies.  In more cases then not, they have found the accuracy rate to be much higher then averages would allow.  In a recent example of one of their testings they had one person look at pictures to mentally send to another who then had to sketch what they saw.  The results were astounding and far exceeded what the law of averages would allow! 

Although all these things cannot be scientifically explained and the debate goes on about real life “hauntings,” I believe they are real.  And so do many of my clients having experienced it first hand.

One of the methods used by Feng Shui Consultants to rid a home or business of what we call “Predecessor Energy” is a Space Clearing.  Predecessor Energy can be caused by former occupants of the home or office and it can also be caused by the feelings and energy left behind by them.  For example, if a couple is selling their home due to a divorce, it is likely to have the energy of grief, arguments and financial difficulties left behind.  Space Clearing is a relatively simple process and has been used for thousands of years by Buddhists, Native Americans, Taoism, and Confucius Beliefs. 

When is a good time for a Space Clearing?  The Black Sect Tradition of Feng Shui believes this is a very powerful blessing.  We recommend it for many things including people feeling a presence or a sighting or unexplained electrical activity which we often relate to the uncomfortable feeling we can experience in our own surroundings. It is also used for many more things and all are important times to incorporate these powerful blessings.

Prior to a renovation is a good time for both a Space Clearing and an Exterior Blessing, also practiced for thousands of years and passed down, mentor to student, through the ages.  During the process of a renovation the energy is shifting rapidly and while we very often would like to create a change in the energy, we don’t want to do it too quickly.  Changing the energy in such a fast shift can sometimes create temporary chaos, something we’d like to avoid.  Both an Exterior Blessing and a Space Clearing can help to prevent this and also ensure that the renovations go smoothly.

Suggested times for a space clearing also include major life changes:  having a baby, starting a new job, going through a divorce or getting married, moving into a new house  or apartment, opening up a new business or the beginning of the New Year to bring about fruitful changes and transformation.  The very performance of a Ceremony changes the energy which is why they are performed in many different religions in various ways for weddings, funerals and the birth of a new baby. 

Predecessor Energy can also be caused from what was left behind from the former occupants as well as clients that purchase items or furniture that were previously owned such as antiques to garage sale finds.  Always be mindful when bringing something previously owned into your space.  Some Feng Shui Practitioners discourage the use of these items but you can make them your own and infuse them with your energy to make them perfectly safe to bring into your space.  While giving them a thorough cleaning simply infuse them with YOUR energy.  Keep your intentions clear that this lovely object is now yours and now carries with it the positive energy that you have infused it with.

If you are considering a Feng Shui Consultation it would be beneficial for you to inquire whether they are included or if there is an additional fee.  There are many other blessings and cures available as well, some for very specific problems or difficulties you may encounter so be sure to ask if they can be made available as well. 

An additional word:  we are Feng Shui consultants and do believe these cures and blessings help a great deal according to the feedback we have received from our clients.  However, we are not “ghost busters” and cannot promise you they will be greatly reduced or stop entirely (though many times they are).  We can, however, start the energy flowing in a new and positive direction to help bring about the transformations you truly desire. 

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