Invite Feng Shui to your Home to Promote Peace & Prosperity !


Everyone one of us have heard a lot about Feng Shui. However,Invite Feng Shui to your Home to Promote Peace & Prosperity ! Articles do we actually know the real meaning of it, or what it can do to our home and overall well-being? Feng Shui has been there with the people of China since the Tang lineage. It is basically the conventional and eastern art of positioning of things, charms and even equipment to assist one welcome good luck, riches, well-being, health and delight. There are mainly five core elements of Feng Shui namely, water, wood, earth, fire and metal. All the five elements progress towards a separate way, making the energy of our surroundings differ with it. For so many years, Feng Shui is known to positively influence our well-being, affinities and affluence.

Here are few Feng Shui related tips that can promote overall well being!

  1. Using I-Ching Coins to Raise Your Wealth: Stick three I-Ching coins attached together with a red-colored yarn, Yang side positioned upwards, to your important document in the workplace. The Yang side consists of four characters, and the Yin side has two. This can be anything such as the documents of your bank accounts, client’s file, etc. Keeping the I-Ching coins, there will fortify that your money circulations stay stimulating all year around.

Likewise, if you wish to pull money into your abode or office, you can dangle I-Ching coins to the door handle inside of your main entrance. If you wish for limitless source of money, you can tie three I-Ching coins with nine inches of red yarn and keep it in your wallet.

  1. Usage of Plants and Flowers to Maintain Harmony: Plants are very beneficial from the Feng Shui’s point of view. Plants inside your home create essential energy. The wood element of Feng Shui denotes spring, fresh start, progress and wealth, hence, it is crucial to keep plants in each room. Vivid flowers usher substantial equilibrium in your life. Purple colored plant, kept at the entrance of your home, or room can get a great amount of wealth. Fuchsia, pink and red flowerets encourage love, and should be positioned in the Relationship Gua. The trick is to generate a balance between Yin and Yang. Never grow spiky plants inside your abode.
  2. The orange Peel Cleanse : This is one of the famous Feng Shui healing for energizing and reimposing positive vibes. In the morning, remove the skin of the orange and place 9 bits of the skin in your pocket. Take those peels with you, wherever you go, and just imagine the negative energy being soaked by the orange peels. Nine is very lucky number in Feng Shui.
  3. Improving metal energy in your office or home will aid you garner the price of your hard work.

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