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Providing bold,Guest Posting one-of-a-kind furniture is what Herman Furniture is quickly becoming famous. From unique patterns created out of exotic woods, Herman Furniture offers either ready made furniture or can customize to your specifications.

Having recently opened their doors to the public, the reputation of Herman Furniture rests in the solid wood furniture products that they create by combining natural woods with a modern, contemporary look to bring an air of warmth, style and substance to their work.

What is Herman Furniture

What started as a work of their passion and love for creating wood products evolved quickly into a business that caters to the individual. By creating unique works of furniture that range from tables to chairs and other items, Herman Furniture provides the right balance of practical construction with unique, beautiful designs.

It can be said that each item in the Herman Furniture collection is a unique work of art that is crafted to create an air of sophistication, style and incredible beauty. Herman Furniture has definitely filled a much needed niche in the wood furniture market by providing products that seem made for the individual and reflect their unique taste.

Selections of Great Wood Furniture

Herman Furniture offers a number of unique solid wood furniture items as well as those made in combination with stainless steel and other materials. Offering furniture products made from Teak, Rosewood, Tamarind and more, every selection in the Herman Furniture catalogue is bold and eye-catching.

In particular, two of their selections in tables stand out as fine examples of the evocative work that Herman Furniture has built their reputation. The Spyder table is a rectangular sour wood table that features a stainless steel branch base. This sturdy, yet stylish table breathes warmth and style, yet is firmly entrenched in the modern look.

The Juno features a polished, yet natural Teak side table with a cube base crafted out of stainless steel. In this design, Herman Furniture has created a powerful, all natural look that is complimented by the modern structure of the base.

Customized Creations

The skilled craftsmen at Herman Furniture can create and customize furniture to your exact specifications, fitting a particular design or size. Furthermore, they can modify any of their current line of furniture to meet your specific needs.

Great Customer Service

The business structure of Herman Furniture is all about service to the customer. While the creation of high quality, unique wood furniture alone is enough for most companies, Herman Furniture takes is a step further by backing up their designs with a guarantee to repair or replace any faulty parts on their furniture.

This means that when you order either an item in stock or one that is especially created for you, it will be backed by up by the guarantee of solid, sturdy construction.

Creating unique furniture designs that are built to last is why Herman Furniture is simply one of the best custom wood furniture stores that you can find anywhere. Browse their collection and see why Herman Furniture is the one to choose.

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