Improving Feng Shui for the Office


Using feng shui for the office can help to increase employee productivity. The aspects that may need to be adjusted include: lighting, ventilation, sound, and furniture placement.

Most offices use fluorescent lighting to decrease electric costs and the need to replace light bulbs. Fluorescent bulbs serve much longer than the regular incandescent bulbs,Improving Feng Shui for the Office Articles as well as they have larger light output. However, the savings that they offer are miniscule compared to the decrease in the employees’ productivity.

Most people dislike fluorescent light, as it makes them feel weak, tired, and unable to concentrate. Some people may experience headaches when subjected to spending hours in rooms with fluorescent light. Others complain about the hum that these bulbs produce.

Feng shui for the office suggests replacing fluorescent bulbs with regular incandescent bulbs, to help you increase your business’s output by improving the productivity of the employees.

Ventilation is yet another essential aspect. When fresh air is lacking, people start to feel tired. The lack of fresh air may lower the staff’s performance and decrease the overall productivity of a given company.

If the office has windows that are never open, it’s a great idea to start opening them regularly to stimulate and energize the employees. A powerful ventilation system can also help in this regard; however, feng shui for the office suggests that artificial ventilation is less potent than the good old open windows.

Opening both, the windows and curtains will help in taking advantage of the powerful natural sunlight that stimulates biorhythms in all living beings, including people.

Modern offices are typically located in busy and noisy locations. The sounds in an office often comprise of the traffic sounds from behind the windows and the hallway sounds from behind the walls. You can improve a lot by placing a small indoor fountain in the office or hanging chimes on the windows.

The sounds of water and wind will help to stimulate the employees’ work efficiency, at the same time helping them feel more tranquil.

Furniture placement is also very important. There are a number of flaws that can be present in a given office in regard to furniture placement. For instance, if an employee’s desk makes them sit with their back to the entrance door, they may feel tense and unsafe. This deep psychological aspect is inbred in us from time immemorial – if you don’t see who’s behind your back, you start to feel uneasy.

It is vital to move the desks so that the employees face the door. If the workers’ desk is directly in front of a wall, the feng shui for the office advises hanging a picture with open spaces (lakes or fields) on that wall.

Another flaw is when two employees are sitting right in front of each other, since one of them may start to feel their energy dissipating. It is also disadvantageous if an employee’s desk is slammed between furniture, making it hard for them to access their desk.

Adjusting the above-mentioned and other aspects can help you improve the overall staff’s efficiency in any given office.

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