Improve Your Existence Using a Feng Shui Bagua Map


The feng shui bagua map can help you strengthen all the important areas of your life.

In order to identify the location of bagua zones in your home,Improve Your Existence Using a Feng Shui Bagua Map Articles you need a compass, a diagram of the house, and the bagua grid. First, determine where north is in the room (with the compass). Then take the diagram of the home, apply the bagua grid, and match the north to the career sector (by compass). The sector of fame should be in the south.

Now we know where each zone is. In order to improve a particular area (career, love, money), you need to locate the respective zone and activate it. Similarly, you can use the feng shui bagua map to locate the zone in a particular room and activate it.

How to activate the zone? Each zone has its own color and element. To activate the zone, clean and tidy it, and place the specific color / element in this zone.

Wealth: element is wood, colors are green and purple. It’s responsible for wealth, material status and power. Activate this zone, and money will come to you. Here, you can put a small decorative fountain, aquarium, plant with round leaves, or a painting of a beautiful waterfall.

Fame: element is fire, color is red. It’s responsible for supporting the individual; it will help to achieve success and recognition. Activate this sector, and you’ll be able to achieve fame and success much faster. Here, you can hang your diplomas, certificates, awards, or medals. You can also place a crystal pyramid, or peacock.

Love: element is earth, colors are terracotta and earth shades. It helps to find harmony in a relationship. Activate using red or pink. You can put items that symbolize the unity of the dual, for example, a photo of you and your beloved person, or figures in pairs. There are also various elements that activate love that you can find in Feng shui stores. For example, a red panel with ancient Chinese hieroglyphs meaning love, or chimes with hearts. You can also light 2 red candles and tell yourself that love will come soon.

Children and creativity: element is metal, colors are white, ash, silver and metallic. This sector is responsible for the children, creativity and new ideas. Here you can use children’s drawings, crystals and decorative flowers.

Life aides, advisers and travel: element is metal, colors are metallic, silver and gold. This sector is responsible for those who come to your aid in difficult situations. This sector is also responsible for travel. Activate by placing metal objects, such as a bell. Just ring the bell when you need help, and help will come.

Career: element is water, colors are black and blue. This sector can help to resolve career issues. Activate by placing a figurine of turtles or other items related to water: a small fountain, aquarium, or a painting of a river. Yes – the feng shui bagua map is very versatile.

Wisdom and knowledge: element is earth, colors are beige and all shades of brown. If you want to study well or plan to go to a university, then this zone is for you. Activate it, and you will become wiser. Hang a bookshelf, or a picture of people whom you would like to follow.

Family: element is wood, color is green. This sector is responsible for the interpersonal and family relationships. Put decorative plants, family photos or a photo of a loved one.

Health: element is earth, color is terracotta. This sector is responsible for health. An excellent option would be to place a large crystal chandelier here.

The feng shui bagua map is an excellent tool. If you learn to use it, you may achieve numerous improvements in all aspects of your life.

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