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There are some things which you should always try to avoid doing when looking for a feng shui balanced environment since they could be disastrous to such purpose. We intend to help you achieving a proper feng shui balance by detailing some of the most important feng shui don’ts through the next lines.

First of all,Important feng shui dont's Articles you should avoid living or working in an environment containing too much yin energy. Among the places which contain more yin energy we can find cemeteries, hospitals and churches. Also, you should avoid attracting to much yin into your space by opening the windows and doors regularly and allowing sun light enter.

You should also avoid living in a house that is much bigger or smaller than the neighboring ones. This could bring you misunderstandings and problems with your neighbors. Your house should never be placed facing the end of a road, or hallway in case of an office. Your house or office’s entrance door should be clear and free of obstacles; there shouldn’t be trees or any structure right in front of it.

You should never place furniture in such a way that there is not much space between them; there should always be space for chi to flow within any space. Besides, you should always avoid placing beds, chairs, sofas or desks right across main doors or with the back towards them. You and your guests should never be with your back right across the entrance door.

It is also important that you don’t place too much of an element in the wrong area. If, according to the bagua map, a house area should contain water or metal to be in balance, you should avoid placing to much fire, earth or wood in them. It is also important to avoid dark corners; if you find a dark corner within your house or office, you should make it clearer by illuminating it or by placing a plant at it. Dark places and spots always attract yin energy and obstruct chi from flowing freely and properly, therefore you should always attract light and yang energy to every corner of your house and office.

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