If These Walls Could Talk: Why the History of your Home is Important


Purchasing a new home or investing in a new business?  Read this first.

How often have you wished you could be a fly on the wall?  Wanting to hear others conversations,If These Walls Could Talk:  Why the History of your Home is Important Articles decisions and possibly, arguments?  One consistent question Feng Shui Practitioners will always ask is if you know the history of your home.  Why, you wonder?

It gives us insights to what went on before you moved in and what may still be affecting you without you even realizing it.  Imagine these two different scenarios:

One couple did quite well in their home and were looking to “move up in the world.”  They were looking for a larger space with more room, maybe something they had been wanting for a long time.  They obviously were prospering, happy and looking forward to their new home.

Couple B has been fighting for years.  They have finally come to a divorce and both must sell the home, disrupting both their lives (and possibly their children’s lives as well) and are more then likely to have left behind great grief, unhappiness, arguments and quite often, money issues.

Which house would you rather buy?  You don’t need to ask a Feng Shui Consultant, although we do work with something still unknown to many, what we call “Predecessor” energy.  The energy left behind by former occupants on the home, sort of like an “imprint” can be left behind.  The occupants of the second house had been troubled in a number of different areas and the new owners, probably knowing nothing about it, are moving in.  People have sometimes reported they feel they have a “bad luck” house.  This is just likely to be past negative energy that was left behind by a previous owner and can be remedied by blessings and Space Clearings.

It is important to find out, if possible, what has gone on in your home prior to your arrival or purchase.  Feng Shui consultants, priests, rabbis or ministers are often called to homes before the new occupants move in to bless them.  Black Sect blessings have been handed down for many years and I have seen them work so often that I am firmly convinced of their power.  They are called Transcendental Blessings and they seek to rid the home (and land) of any lingering predecessor energy so you know from the day you move it that this new home is truly and intentionally now your own.

They are not only being used for homes, either.  More and more often, corporations and businesses will inquire about consultations.  Perhaps they are well aware the previous owners filed bankruptcy or the partnership dissolved.  Again, through these wonderful and powerful blessings, the business can begin a new start with new energy, new intent and a harmonious atmosphere.

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