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Some people are not easily contented. For instance, in touring Thailand, there are foreigners who would prefer to stay there longer than the time they are allowed. With the magnificent nature surrounding the Land of Smiles, it is no wonder why visitors continuously seek for more opportunities to remain in the country.

The Thai government,Guest Posting however, imposes stringent requirements on foreigners desiring to stay in the country for long periods of time.

With this, foreigners found a solution in the benefits provided by a One Year Multiple Entry Thai Visa, otherwise known as Thailand One-Year Visa.

One-Year Multiple Entry Visa

What exactly is the Thailand One-Year Visa? This is the key to entering and leaving Thailand for as many times as you wish within the span of one year. More than that, this Non-B visa allows you to study, work and marry in the Kingdom.

Nonetheless, there is a restriction imposed on the nationalities that can avail of this visa. ONLY citizens from the European countries, US, Australia and Canada are allowed to obtain it. The application process could be done either personally or through mail, and filed at the nearest Thai embassies or consulates.


To apply for a 1-year Thai Visa, the following requirements must be complied with:

  1. Proof of Citizenship. US citizens must present their passports; EU nationals must provide a valid address in the UK; and AU citizens must be physically present in the country where the application is filed.
  2. Passport. Make sure that your passport is still valid for a year. Otherwise, the application will be denied.
  3. Proof of Financial Capability. This shows proof of your financial capability to support your travel to Thailand. US citizens are required to present a bank account with a minimum deposit of 500 USD. On the other hand, UK and AU citizens are merely required to present their itinerary or airfare ticket.
  4. Supporting document from a Thai company. The easiest way to obtain a Non-B visa is either to ask for the assistance of a Thai company, or to apply for a job in said company. They will send you an invitation which you will eventually submit to the consulate as part of your application.
  5. Visa application form. Make sure that it is complete, together with an attached photo and signature.


Once all the requirements are collected, it must be submitted to the consular office or embassy in your country. Normally, it would take at least 5 days when submitted through mail. If the application is done personally, it might take just around 1 to 2 days before its completion.

Points to Remember

Remember, even though the visa would allow you to stay in Thailand for a year, a visa run should always be done every 90 days. It means you have to go to the immigration border after every three months to get a visa stamp.  

This allows you to work, only if you have a legal work permit, issued by the Thai immigration office.

Also, this Thai Non-B Visa is non-renewable. After a year in Thailand, you have to go back to your home country in order to extend your stay in the Land of Smiles. It can also be converted to retirement and marriage visas, which assures you of a longer stay in the country.

Now to make things easier for you, it is advisable that you consult competent Thailand lawyers. They will surely assist you with the process and will make sure that you get the best results on your application.

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