How to Select the Most Powerful Carpet Wash System?


It is very necessary to use a powerful carpet wash system to clean commercial areas. Read the below mentioned points to know about how to choose a commercial powerful carpet cleaning machine.

Contractors who clean commercial areas on a regular basis need a carpet shampooer that is powerful and efficient. The more powerful the machine,How to Select the Most Powerful Carpet Wash System? Articles the more carpets you can clean. A carpet shampooer is the only solution for carpet maintenance in the long term. This machine removes stains, grease, odors, pet urine, ink marks, and just about all other kinds of dirt and impurities from carpets.

A powerful carpet shampooer designed for commercial use is very different from low-end machines used in domestic settings. Therefore, you need to take special care to choose the best. Here are some tips to pick the best carpet wash system:

High pump pressure
Many carpet wash systems attain pressures levels as high as 220 psi. This is more than twice the pump pressure achieved by a non-commercial, less powerful carpet shampooer. If you are looking for a quality carpet washer machine, start by checking its pump pressure.

High temperature
The temperature level most suited to your carpet washing requirements depends on many factors. First is the carpet’s tolerance to heat. Many carpets are never washed in hot water, as they tend to bunch or shrink. Second, if the carpet is not too dirty, you need not use hot water for cleaning it.

Many contractors purchase non-heated carpet cleaning machines, if they do not handle dirty carpets on a regular basis. However, the advantage is that these carpet extractors are able to use hot water for cleaning carpets. Non-heated carpet cleaning machines are cheaper than machines that have heating devices. However, your choice should be dictated by the kind of cleaning application you handle and not solely by the price.

Industrial carpet cleaners achieve temperatures of up to 210ºF. Hot water dissolves grease easily, making the cleaning process faster and thorough.

Fast heating
To reduce the waiting time, industrial carpet cleaners usually have two heating elements. They heat water in as little as 5 minutes. The less you wait for the water to heat, the more carpets you can clean.

All kinds of upholstery
Commercial powerful carpet wash systems are used for washing carpets, furniture covers, car seats, and every other type of upholstery. This is the reason why carpet extractors are equipped with different kinds of wands. A large wand is used for cleaning carpets, while a smaller 4-inch wand is ideal for cleaning upholstery and car seats.

Low-flow rates
Carpet extractor is one of the best carpet cleaning systems should have low-flow rates in order to reduce water usage. This feature offers many benefits, but the biggest advantage is that carpet drying time is reduced drastically. From 24 hours, the drying time comes down to as little as 2 hours. This eliminates problems associated with wet carpets, such as mold, odors, and floor damage.

Powerful vacuum extraction
Commercial carpet cleaners extract most of the dirt and moisture from carpets. Rug cleaners are known for their powerful vacuum extraction capabilities. Usually, it is a good idea to check the rug cleaner’s specs, such as water column lift. Many commercial truck mount carpet cleaner has a water lift as high as 150 inches. They have powerful vacuum motors to help extract dirty water from carpets.

A carpet shampooer keeps the carpets clean and prevents buildup of dirt by enabling frequent carpet washing. So, buy the best to get the best results.

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