How to Increase Productivity by Rearranging Your Bedroom


Discover some tips on how to decorate your bedroom with Feng Shui in mind. This will help boost your productivity and general wellbeing.

There are many things you need to consider when you are planning to use Feng Shui in your bedroom. According to this belief,How to Increase Productivity by Rearranging Your Bedroom Articles┬áthe bedroom is a very productive place, but its productivity can be hampered in various ways. Here we see some things that you must do and some that you mustn’t when you are planning to implement Feng Shui in your bedroom.

The colors on the walls are the first important thing. By all means use warm earth tones. This will create a positive energy and a sense of vibrancy in the bedroom. If you are looking for a partner or love, go for passionate colors like red. Or, use a color that reminds you of human skin. These colors are great to build a very positive human vibe in your bedroom.

The lighting is important too, because the kind of lighting you use will directly influence the energy flowing into the room. Bright lights are definitely recommended, but if you think these are unsuitable for a bedroom then you can go for dimmer adjustments for the lights in your bedroom. Or, you could have some candles in your bedroom. When you need to dim the light, just light those candles up. There is an added advantage here. Perfumes and scents are highly praised in Feng Shui. So, see if you can lay your hands on some perfumed or scented candles of your choice.

The next important thing (though we aren’t saying all these in any particular order) is air. The amount of air that flows into your bedroom is directly proportional to the amount of energy that’s flowing inside as well. Hence, you have to make sure that there is ample amount of air flowing inside. Keep the bedroom window open as much as you can afford to keep. However, if you keep your windows closed all the time, there will be a musty non-aerated smell in your room, which is highly detrimental to progress.

You have to also look into the placement of the bed. How should you place the bed? Two things are important. Firstly is that your bed should not be in a proper alignment with the door. The second thing is that you must make sure your feet do not point toward the door because in local Chinese culture, this is a harbinger of death. Also, don’t keep the bed touching a wall. It should be free to access from both the sides. There must be enough area on both sides of the bed. Place a bed table at either sides of the bed and always approach the bed on the side that you will be sleeping.

If you are looking for love, your bed should have a single mattress that covers it entirely and not two parts for either side of the bed. The positive energy that Feng Shui creates will make loving your partner a delight.

Besides these, there is one other much vital point. You must make sure that you don’t keep anything related with work or even anything that’s not needed in the bedroom. So, keep your laptops, your mobile phones your iPods, your television sets out of the bedroom and enjoy what these places are really meant for.

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