How To Get Rid Of Dirty Water Stains On My Carpet?


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The household carpet has to tolerate a lot these days. They regularly face mud stains,How To Get Rid Of Dirty Water Stains On My Carpet? Articles wine stains to the lasagna stains. These stains accumulate mainly in the high traffic regions. Through good old fashioned DIY cleaning methods along with professional carpet cleaning, we can easily maintain the aura and health of our carpets. You can easily undergo carpet water stain removal on your own with the help of household ingredients. Failure to remove the carpet water stain leads to the growth of mildew.

You Can Start by Following a Few Tips in This Step-by-Step Guide.

Method 1: Using Soap and Water

  • Start the process by blotting up the moisture. Before you are moving towards detailed cleaning procedures, try to remove as much of the water you can. Take a clean white cloth, and press it lightly against the water stain. This will not work if the stain or spill is not fresh.
  • Try blotting as much of the water as you can. You can even try walking on the cloth to get more of the water to move from the carpet to the cloth. Use paper towels for blotting up the carpet water. Put any heavy objects on the paper towels, and leave it for at least an hour so that most of the water gets soaked up.
  • Next, remove the sediment or dirt. Remove any sediment or dirt that has embedded itself in your carpet’s fibres in the area of the water stain. For removing sediment and dirt, create a mixture of soap and water. You can use non-bleach detergent as well as bleach in the detergent that will damage your carpet. Mix a teaspoon or 4.9 ml of dishwashing soap with water in a bowl or other container, and then put a clean cloth into the mixture.
  • Now dab the area with a carpet water stain. Take the cloth covered with soap and water and gently rub it on the stain. Do not rub it too hard; else, the carpet’s fibres could start to look worn out. Start from the edges and work your way inward. You may find that the mixture of soap and water is removing the carpet water stain. If the satin is a small one, this method works the best. However, if you fail, switch to other ingredients.
  • Determine the source of leakage. If you have spilled a glass of water on the carpet, you know exactly where the leak came from. If the water came from external sources, like a leaking pipe, the carpet will get wet repeatedly and are prone to carpet mould odour. Try to identify the source of the carpet stain, and take steps to make sure it does not reoccur. If it is a plumbing issue, take care of it to prevent further carpet damage. You might need to hire a professional Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane if your basement is overflowing.

Method 2: Using Vinegar and Water

  • Use a mixture of vinegar and water for effective carpet stain removal. Even after the stains persists after applying soap and water, you can try using a mixture of vinegar and water. Make sure that you are using white vinegar. Use 1⁄4 teaspoon or 1.2 ml of white vinegar for every 4 cups (950 ml) of water. Take a clean cloth, dab into the mixture, and then apply the solution on the water-stained area of the carpet. You can also use a hand-held sprayer to apply the mixture to the carpet. Press the cloth lightly onto the carpet. The acidic nature of the vinegar will help carpet water stain removal.
  • Allow the carpet to dry. You will not be able to see the full effects of your efforts until the carpet is fully dry. Back off, and let it do so naturally. As the carpet dries up, you will see the carpet water stain is gradually disappearing. Repeat the process if the stain has not vanished completely. Remember do not apply heat to the carpet, but make sure no one walks on it in that area until it dries naturally. If the stain is a stubborn one or more deeply ingrained into the carpet, leave the vinegar and water mixture on the stain for a few minutes before rubbing it away. Place 1 teaspoon or 4 grams of baking soda on the stain when it is close to dry. The baking soda will help dry out and deodorize the fabric.
  • Use a steam iron after using the water-and-vinegar mixture, try using a steam iron to remove the stain faster. Put a towel over the carpet on top of the water stain. Remember not to apply the iron directly to the carpet else, you would burn the carpet. Put the steam iron on low on the steaming function. This will direct hot steam toward the stain. Put the iron on the towel for a few minutes, and press gently onto the towel and remove the iron.

Method 3: Using Chemicals

  • Call the professional carpet cleaners if there is severe damage due to water. If` you find a pipe has burst in your basement or it flooded, you may need to call professional carpet cleaners. Professionals have devices that would be sucking up water from carpet and can steam clean carpet to get out stubborn stains. If the water damage is too severe or is extremely smelly, you will have to go for carpet replacement. If you are having carpet from natural fibers it is best to take the help of professional cleaning service because such carpets can be difficult to clean on your own.
  • You can also rent or purchase a steam cleaner. You can get them at your nearby home improvement stores and even at some grocery stores. These are basically vacuum cleaners that apply a cleaning and water mixture to the carpet to clean it. Besides removing water stains from the carpet, it can also lift up various stubborn stains, making your carpet look like a new one. Alternatively, you can try water and dry vacuum. These are special vacuums designed to suck up water.
  • For more stubborn stains, and stains with color in them such as colored soft beverages, you may need to turn to ammonia. Fill an empty spray bottle with 1 part ammonia and 1 part hot water. Then, spray the concoction on the stain. Now put a clean white towel or cloth on top of the stain, and rub gently at the water stain area with the cloth. You might have to repeat this process several times until the stain is completely gone.
  • You can buy carpet cleaner at most grocery stores in spray bottles. You could use the cleaner on the water stain. Some carpet cleaners are designed to remove pet stains, like dog urine from carpet. However, they will also work great on water stains. Try the homemade method of water and vinegar before applying chemicals to the stain. Move on to using the chemicals when the natural procedures fail due to stubborn stains. With the other methods, make sure you let the carpet dry naturally before people walk on it or use the area.

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