How To Ensure Getting Your Security Deposit When You Move


One of the most commonly contested arguments between a landlord and a tenant is the security deposit when you move from a rental property.

The security deposit is a specific amount of money left with the landlord when a tenant moves in to guarantee that the tenant will not damage or otherwise mess up the landlord’s property. When the tenant moves out,How To Ensure Getting Your Security Deposit When You Move Articles the landlord will inspect the property and determine if the security deposit will be returned in full, or partially, or not at all. This is based on how well the property was taken care of.Disputes arise when the landlord tries to take away a security deposit and the tenant disputes the damages. The tenant often will declare the property already had damages, and that they did not cause the problems. This can all be avoided by following some steps in advance. Here are some tips to consider when you move into a rental property and leave a security deposit.

Inspect the property completely before you ever sign the lease. This is commonly ignored or overlooked when a tenant moves into a new property. Take a pen and paper, or you can print off a free legal form, to take down notes of any existing problems or damages. Do not worry about being petty. Write down every single scratch and nick you come across. Nothing is too small, because when you leave the landlord will charge you for these things if you do not write them down. Be very detailed and even take some pictures if you can.

When checking the property, make sure that you check the things that are not obvious. Check the heating and cooling function. Make sure that all vents are working. Make sure that the water faucets and toilets work properly. All of these things are important not only when you move in, but when you want your security deposit back.

Make absolutely certain that you date the list, and go over it with your landlord. You will want to make sure that the landlord agrees with all the things listed, and that they sign it. Once you have yours and your landlord’s signature, then you need to make copies. Give the copy to the landlord, and you keep the original. This way you and landlord enter into legal contract. Whatever happens, do not lose this list. You will need it when you move out and it could save you money in the end.

If you follow these basic steps to getting your security deposit back, then you should not have any real troubles when you move out. This is assuming of course, that you did not do any further damage to the property. Make sure that you and the landlord do your final walk through the house before you actually leave the property as well. Often disputes arise about problems that happened after you moved out. By doing a final walk through and getting your landlord’s signature saying the property is in fine condition, you are protecting your security deposit. It is always better practice to keep the above legal forms for the next 3 years.

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