How to Dye Your Carpet


Buying new carpet is expensive, but you can dye an old carpet to give it a fresh look. Before getting started, buy the correct type of dye. Different carpet fibers need different dyes. If you do not know what type of fibers your carpet is made from, have a professional take a look before you do anything.

If you want to change the look of your carpet,How to Dye Your Carpet Articles an inexpensive solution is to use carpet dye. Before you run out and buy some you need to know a few things. This article will tell you everything you need to know about carpet dye. Type First, you should know that some types of carpet can’t be dyed. If you have a wool or nylon carpet, you can safely use carpet dye on it. If your carpet is made of polyester, polypropylene, or acrylic, it can’t be dyed. Now that we’ve gone over type, it’s time for color. Color You can never make you carpet lighter by using carpet dye. If your carpet is light beige or white, you can dye it any color you want except deep black.
Besides those colors, you simply use the knowledge you learned in elementary school. Mixing a red carpet with yellow dye will yield an orange carpet. Adding red dye to a blue carpet will give you a purple carpet. Methods There are two methods of using carpet dye. The first method involves spraying the carpet. This is not the ideal method to use if you’re trying for a total color change. Spraying the carpet won’t allow the carpet dye to penetrate deeply, so it should only be used for spots. The other method involves using a scrubber with nylon bristles. The carpet dye will penetrate much better using this method, so this should be your first choice if you’re doing the whole carpet.
Professional You need a lot of experience if you want to achieve a professional look with carpet dye. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you should call a professional before you destroy your whole carpet. A professional can tell if the carpet is able to be dyed. He will also be able to match the colors better and use the correct amount of carpet dye. Quality ll carpet dyes aren’t made the same, so it’s possible to buy a bad kind. If you want the best look, then you will need to weight quality over price. You will especially need to buy a quality dye if you carpets have stain resistant coating. Make sure to buy carpet dye that is fade resistant and has bright colors. This is everything you need to know about carpet dye. If you want to change the color of your carpet, this is an inexpensive solution. Now you can go run out and buy some. Move all furniture out of the room. Tape plastic to the walls to protect them from the dye. Shampoo the carpet and let it dry. Clean carpet will absorb dye more evenly. Mix the carpet dye with warm water, according to manufacturer directions.
Pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Practice on a scrap piece of carpet until you are able to obtain satisfactory results Spray your carpet with carpet dye. Scrub in the dye with a stiff scrubbing brush, using a circular motion. Work on a small section of carpet at a time. Be careful to spread the dye evenly. Start in the back corner of the carpet and work backward toward an exit to another room so you do not become trapped and have to step on the fresh dye or wait for it to dry. Allow the carpet to dry, and enjoy your room’s new look.

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