How to Dry Clean a Carpet


You might already be aware of the various carpet cleaning methods,How to Dry Clean a Carpet Articles like shampooing, dry cleaning and hot water extraction. Out of these, carpet dry cleaning process is simple and you can clean a medium soiled carpet at home, without creating a mess out of it. With this DIY alternative, you can save a few hundred dollars charged by professionals for dry cleaning carpets.How to Dry Clean Carpet at Home?With carpets, never think of the conventional cleaning method, which you proceed with soap and water. When wet, the rugs are very heavy and you will have a difficult time in washing or rinsing them. Also, they take a longer period for complete drying.

By any chance, if you used a slightly moist carpet, it will promote growth of mold and mildew underneath the rug. Shampooing and warm water extraction cause soiling within a short time, and the procedures are quite tedious. Considering all these factors, dry cleaning is the best carpet cleaning method to be carried out at home.As you are opting for carpet cleaning with do-it-yourself tips, do not wait till the rug turns heavily soiled. In short, remove the carpet for cleaning when it is slightly dirty, so that you can successfully clean the rug with less effort. In dry carpet cleaning, the cleaning technique is carried out without water. You do not have to own a commercial carpet cleaning machine for the purpose. All you need is a good dry carpet cleaner and basic cleaning skills. The different steps for carpet dry cleaning process are explained below.

  • First of all, purchase a good quality dry carpet cleaning product from your local home supply stores. The product is not compulsorily dry powder, rather it can be an absorbent formulation prepared with water, solvent and laundry soap in specific amounts.
  • Before you begin with the actual carpet dry cleaning process, vacuum clean the rug properly, reaching the corners as well. A simple vacuuming is useful to get rid of 80 percent dust and alike adhering particles from the carpet.
  • Sprinkle the powder or spray carpet cleaning solution (whichever is applicable) as per the directions mentioned in the product. Leave the product for the stipulated time, by which the chemical goes deep inside the rug fibers to absorb contaminants.
  • For carpet stain removal, you can use a soft bristled brush or a clean broom. Work with any of these and spread the cleaning product to reach the deeper fibers. The product will adhere to the dirt, which is then removed by vacuum cleaning.
  • Another advanced carpet dry cleaning process is the cotton bonnet technique. For this, you will need to hire a machine on rent that has rotating pads. A cleaning solution is fed to the spinning pads, which then separates contaminants from the rug fibers. Final cleaning is done with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

So, isn’t carpet dry cleaning process easy to do at home? It requires about 1 hour to complete this cleaning method, which is not so in case of shampooing or warm water extraction. Nevertheless, for long-term maintenance, steam cleaning the carpet is advisable between two dry cleans. In case of tough carpet stains, giving the rug to a professional carpet cleaning service is a practical solution. After all, bearing the carpet cleaning price is better, instead of spoiling the room aesthetics with a stained carpet, right!

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