How to Deal With Green Energy Contractors


Below are some useful steps that should be taken into consideration before hiring a green energy contractor.

Step 1: Once you have decided that you want to hire a green energy contractor, it is recommended that you should always seek bids from the contractors having good reputation in your local community.

Step 2: Always scope your work and be clear about your requirements. Keep asking for updates about the work. Take an active interest in the work being done.

Step 3: Always inquire for a line entry approximation from your service provider. This will also help you keep track of how your money is being utilized on a particular item.

Step 4: Discuss and finalize the start and end dates with the contractor. If the work involved is more than1 day, keep track of the progress at the start of each day’s work and discuss with the contractor whether the remaining work will be finished within the agreed time.

Step 5: Thoroughly read each and every word of your contract. Never pay the full amount upfront. Rather, work out an arrangement with the contractor to pay a certain percentage of the total amount to start work.

Step 6: Always ask for the list of subcontractors that your contractor employs. Try to validate their licenses as well.

Step 7: The safety of your home is your responsibility. Never give out your keys until and unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. If possible, ask your contractor to separate the living and working areas. This way, you can have your privacy while work is going on.

Step 8: Always demand a detailed project schedule as it will help you keep pace of the work done so far. In this way, you can utilize your money properly and pay the contractor in accordance with the completed work.

Step 9: If changes are inevitable that were not seen before, make sure that you ask for a de tailed estimate of the proposed changes.

Step 10: At the completion of the work have a walk through along with the contractor to have a look at the flawed items. Do not pay unless all the faulty items are fixed.

Jacob Taylor works for Green Collar Operations, an energy efficiency company in Austin Texas. For more information, please visit Austin energy rebate.

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