How Much Value Can Land Landscaping Add to Your Home Value


Landscapes are a remarkable feature that can contribute significantly to the aesthetic and functional value of any building,How Much Value Can Land Landscaping Add to Your Home Value  Articles whether it is a home, office, or any other type of building. This is little wonder why homeowners and builders often pay special attention to landscaping their homes. Many experts in the real estate business have estimated the value that a well-designed and attractive landscape can add to a home to be around 15%. However, this article will consider whether the figure is accurate or more to it. 

We will also discuss other things like some landscape features that can contribute to the value of a home, how landscape contractors can convince homeowners to allocate a large portion of the construction’s budget to landscaping, and whether it is a wise decision or investment. Moreover, it will answer the question about how a homeowner can feel that the thousands of dollars he is allocating to landscaping in his new project is justified, and if the thousands of dollars thrown into the project will boost the curb appeal for a home, especially if the house is for sale. 

In a bid to answer all the above-listed questions, experts recently researched attendees of consumer home and garden shows in seven states. The survey aimed to get consumer perspectives on the impact of plant type, size, and design sophistication on a home’s value. 

About the Survey 

Respondents in this survey were asked to view a photo of a newly constructed suburban home with just a concrete pathway and a lawn. After that, they were asked to view 16 other photos of the same house with various plant types, sizes, and levels of design sophistication. According to the available plant types, the plant sizes viewed in the photos included small, medium, and large. 

The levels of design sophistication included the following: 

  • Only foundation planting 
  • Foundation planting, one or two specimen trees, and an extensive, oblong island planting in the lawn. 
  • Foundation plants with two extensive island plantings, adjoining beds, and all-encompassing curved bed lines. 

The plant types in the survey included the following: 

  • Only evergreen plants 
  • Evergreen and deciduous plants 
  • Evergreen and deciduous plants, alongside 20% of the landscape bed’s visual area, are planted in perennial or annual color. 

After the survey, studies showed that respondents ranked design sophistication the most critical, plant size was ranked as next important, and plant diversity was ranked as least important. 

The research reported that the preferred landscape to most respondents was made up of a sophisticated design, alongside large deciduous, annual, and evergreen plants and a colored hardscape. 

 What was the Perceived Increase in Value 

The perceived change in value (from an absence of landscape to adequately landscaped) in this research was between the range of 5.5%  (in Louisiana) to 11.4% in South Carolina. This means that a home valued at about $150 000 with only a lawn and no landscape could rise in value from $8,250 to 19,050 more if a sophisticated landscape with large plants and colors is introduced. 


It has already been established that landscapes can significantly enhance the aesthetic value of a house. We have studied how it can also affect the economic value of the house in this article.

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