How Landlord Can End Periodic Tenancy By Giving Notice


You should know that the landlord can end tenancy by giving the tenant a written notice. However he will have to give the notice 30 days in advance if he is following month to month tenancy. However if he is following the week to week tenancy then he will have to provide the tenancy seven days in advance. In fact this period depends upon the tenancy period. You can also say that it is the amount of the notice specified in the rental agreement.

The landlord can provide the notice through email or he can provide the notice via any of the prescribed method. However in some cases the landlord can provide only three days notice as well. If you are getting the 30 days notice then this means that you will have to leave the house before the 30th day. In fact you will have to leave within 30 days.

However if the 30th day is on the Saturday then you will not have to leave the property before Monday. This is because Saturday and Sunday are official holidays. In fact if there will be any legal holidays then the period will be extended.

If you will not leave the property before the notice period then the landlord might file the unlawful detainer lawsuit against you. This will be done by the landlord to evict you from the house.

Now suppose that you receive the 30 days notice and you feel that you have done nothing wrong. You must have one query regarding this. You might be thinking that what you can do in this case? You can definitely try to convince the landlord so that he withdraws the notice. You should try to find out the reason why the landlord has given you the notice? It might be that you are not paying the rent at right time. It might also be that you are playing the music very loud. This might be hurting the landlord. You should make sure that you are able to find out the reason at first. After that you should try to find out the way through which you can make the landlord to think yet again.

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