Hotel in Bangkok – How Much Is Too Much?


Whilst this is strictly not sticking with the topic of hotels in Bangkok it does touch on hotels in Thailand in general with news that the famed Hilton (no,Guest Posting not Paris!) but the hotel chain has opened another branch of its luxurious hotel range in Phuket.  This is part of the expansion of Surin beach and it titled the DoubleTree Report and ran by Holton property.

There is already a Hilton hotel in Bangkok as well as other areas of Thailand such as Hua Hin, Koh Samui and Pattaya and it is good to see them expanding even further.  I did not even know that Hilton hotels had been in Bangkok since 1983.  That is a quite an achievement and has clearly lead to interest from rival competitors which may explain why there are so many classy and upstanding hotels in Bangkok in the central suburbs from all the major hotel providers.

There is definitely a market for upper class hotels in Bangkok thanks to the consumerism that is plastered everywhere and the obvious fact that Thai people love to shop.  Seriously there are tons of midnight sales throughout the year for various brands and occasions and real estate in Bangkok is fast becoming scarce as Bangkok is turning in to a concrete jungle with no greenery in sight.  It is a good thing then that many hotels in Bangkok are offering garden areas as part of their offering, rooftop gardens are essentially beautiful at night giving you a sparkling vista to the city below.

Anyway, going back to the newly erected Hilton Hotel, it features a stunning array of features such as over 80 suites and has three food and beverage outlets which include Asia Alive, an all-day dining restaurant, The Boardwalk, a pool bar serving snacks, and a food and beverage retail outlet, The Food Store. There will also be four meetings rooms as well as a business center, fitness club, outdoor lagoon-style pools, water slides and a kids club.  This is seriously impressive for any hotel but are these offerings really unique in an already crowded marketplace?

After all this property used to be a Marriott hotel, Bangkok has two Marriott hotels as it is and they are both absolutely beautiful to stay in and it raises the question of how far will developers go when creating hotels in Bangkok?  Will Bangkok run out of development space before developers run out of ideas?  Suffice to say the future has never looked brighter for the Bangkok hotel industry and thus looks even greater for those intending to spend some time in this fantastic city on holiday.

Soon, picking the hotel will become the prime reason for going on holiday to places such as Bangkok.  After all, the hotel represents the home away from home and so the more features it offers the better the overall experience for the tourist which then booms the Thailand tourist industry and this is definitely no bad thing and cements the importance of hotels in Bangkok and the features that they provide.

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