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Whether you believe in the Oriental powers of feng shui or
not,Home Office Feng Shui Articles there are an increasingly large number of people who
do. Either way, it’s fun to examine different ideas, so
let’s take a look at your home office from the feng shui
point of view.

Business people in Asia have considered work place feng shui
to be a crucial contributor to personal and business success
for centuries. Anything that has lasted for centuries is
worth a closer look to see if any part of the concept will
work for you. In this article we will ignore corporate
business office feng shui, and focus on home office

Have a separate outside entrance to your office if possible.
If you can not, then choose a room that is near the front or
back door of the house or apartment. Separate your home
office from the rest of the living area in order to keep
your business and personal lives separate. If your home
office is part of a larger room, then partition it off with
bookcases, screens, or large plants.

Never have your back to the window. Having your back to a
door symbolically leaves you open to attack. If you directly
face a door you may be overpowered by the incoming Chi. The
best position is with your back to a wall that holds an
Earth element such as a picture of a mountain or a lake. The
next best position is angled away from a doorway or facing a
wall featuring a water element such as a fish or a picture
of lake, or even abstract art that features wavy lines.

You can energize your desk by adorning it with objects that
symbolize the five elements to attract work and luck. Simply
follow the Lo Shu grid like this:

North: Your beverage cup or glass.
Northeast: A crystal paperweight
Northwest: Your computer terminal
East: Fresh flowers
Southeast: A small green plant
South: A desk lamp or something red

Flat ceilings are best for promoting the flow of Chi. If you
have a sloped ceiling, cathedral ceiling, or exposed beams
then you you can hang wind chimes or bamboo flutes to offset
the negative effects.

If you have views of harmful elements from your window, you
can negate them by the strategic placement of wind chimes or
plants. Cactus and Bamboo are plants symbolize good fortune
and are ideal for placement in the home office. Any sharp
leaved plants are good feng shui in this area as they are
believed to deter harmful influences.

Always take a short walk before entering your office to work
each day and another one at the end of your working day as
another measure of separating your business life from your
personal life. Leave at least 7-9 inches of space between
each piece of office furniture. This allows room for energy
to flow.

Keep your workspace clean and clutter-free in order to allow
a free flow of feng shui energy throughout the room. There
is a difference between clutter and stored items. Stored
items should, however, be filed away or stored neatly in a
cabinet or closet to allow the flow of feng shui energy.

Place a picture of a lake, waterfall or any other water
scene on one of the walls on the East side of your office.
This represents the flow of energy. You can also use one of
those desktop fountains or even an aquarium

Place a green, smooth-leafed plant, not one with jagged or
pointed leaves, on a shelf in the corner closest to your
water item. You can use an artificial plant if you are a
known live plant killer.

Here are some other items that you can also place in that

* red eggs symbolizing wealth creation
* a red envelope containing several coins
* a crystal on a red ribbon near the window
* three Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon
* a pearl or anything spherical
* a wheel or bell
* a symbol or picture of red fish
* a lotus flower symbolizing great achievements from humble

Also, consider placing a decorative jar filled with water
near the entrance to your office.

Fend Shui Benefits

Feng shui is said to make you more aware of how your
environment affects your state of mind. Even if you don’t
subscribe to the ancient Oriental ways, you have to admit
that an uncluttered office, with room to move around, and
pleasant decorations is much better than a cluttered dungeon
that’s stuffed to the ceiling with piles of paper.

Also, feng shui helps you to stay focused by forcing you to
store incomplete and future projects in a storage area so
you won’t be distracted by worrying over them every day.
Feng shui experts claim that you will receive these
additional benefits as well:

* Increase your prosperity & abundance.
* Boost your health.
* Reduce insomnia & stress.
* Enhance your personal power.
* Easing of family conflicts.
* Increase your concentration
* Enhance financial security.
* Attract new customers to your business.
* Upgrade your life in many other ways.

There is a lot more to feng shui than we can possibly cover
in this article. The Internet is an abundant source of
articles. Thousands of books have been written on the
subject, and there are even feng shui consultants that will
come in and help your organize your office and home.
Hopefully your interest level has been raised and you will
follow up by learning more.

Good luck and good health!

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