Home Mortgage Refinance – The Benefits of Debt Structuring


When you take advantage of the equity in your home through a home mortgage refinance, you get a lot more than just cash. You get peace of mind and organization to your financial future.

Reduce the number of bills

With a home mortgage refinance,Home Mortgage Refinance - The Benefits of Debt Structuring Articles you no longer have to be concerned about missing one of your monthly credit card bills and suffering with added interest charges, penalties and fees. Your refinance loan will pay off the balances on all of those high interest loans and leave you with one payment, one due date, and an amount that doesn’t vary from one month to the next. You are likely to have a single payment that costs you less than the total of all the smaller bills. If you receive a regular paycheck, you can even arrange in many instances to have the payment deducted from your payroll so that you don’t have any chance of missing the payment.

Set up a savings plan

Discipline yourself to set up a savings plan with the savings you make from not paying multiple minimum payments and set it aside to fund future purchases that previously would have resulted in you charging your credit card and going further into debt. You can save for an emergency fund or save to pay cash for future purchases, or even for creating an investment portfolio to build toward your retirement. A home mortgage refinance should not be a routine part of your financial planning, but a final determination to get your financial house in order. Imagine being able to plan for a vacation and to know precisely when you will be able to book your cruise.

Renovate your home

With a home mortgage refinance, you can provide yourself with a sizable chunk of cash to renovate or even completely remodel your existing home. You won’t need to charge the lumber on a credit card and pay double digit interest rates. Instead, you can set up an account with the proceeds of the refinance and pay for your renovation materials and supplies as they are required. You can provide a complete makeover to your home so that its future value will be increased.  Whether you need to redo the carpets, replace the roof, or fix the plumbing, a home loan will help you pay for the repairs easily.

Timing benefits

Depending upon the timing of your loan and the purchases you make, you can definitely save money on interest rates. Choose your home mortgage refinance loan period to take advantage of the regular payroll periods at your house. Enjoy the ability to schedule the loan to suit your financial schedule. Imagine the peaceful feeling to know that when the payment comes due, there is already money in your bank account to cover it.

Consistency benefits

The peace of mind gained by knowing each month what the payment will be on your home mortgage refinance loan cannot be downplayed. There are no surprises when the monthly statement arrives. There is also no change in the due date each month.  You will never again have to spend money on late fees, minimum payments or over limit penalties. The value of the reduced stress by being able to plan your finances each month is hard to deny.

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