Hiring a Marquee? Check Out the Top Rated Decoration Tips and Theme Ideas


Marquees have become the most sought-after option amongst couples who are looking for an innovative yet a cost-effective solution for their wedding party. But hiring a marquee is not enough, they must consider some factors like lighting, drapes, balloons and flowers that can go well with any theme that they pick for the day, be it English or the vintage. Here’s a look at them.

For every couple wedding is the most memorable day of their life. But the large expenses of throwing a reception party often put the brides and grooms into a worrisome situation,Hiring a Marquee? Check Out the Top Rated Decoration Tips and Theme Ideas Articles snatching from them the luxury of relishing in the momentous occasion.

As a result, many couples are going out of the traditional way to hire a marquee from the online sites. To speak the truth, marquees are the most affordable option but they are required to be decorated in a well planned manner with the particular theme of the party in mind. So here we have jotted down some points on the decoration tips and theme ideas.

Decoration Tips:-


Lighting is one of the most important things that helps set the mood for party ambience. Though during the day you can simply rely on the natural light, but as the evening sets in you need to make prior arrangements to brighten up the marquee. While candlelight is a great option for a romantic or elegant setting, the candelabras put inside the marquee with tea lights placed in attractive holders evoke a Victorian feel and atmosphere. However, for standout decoration you can contact a Sydney Marquee Hire company as they can help you with you lots of innovative ideas. For instance, the uplighters when positioned strategically around the whole setting not only make way for offering necessary lighting but also add to the excellent visual effect.


Apart from the fact that the drapes can offer the most needed shed in times of showers and scorching heat to the guests, it can also add a zesty effect to the entire marquee setup. For example, if you choose black drapes for the ceiling and some LED lights for the decorations with the help of your Marquee Hire Sydney service provider, they will create a kind of night sky effect. From colors to marquee linings you can choose everything in respect of the theme.


If you are having a theme based wedding and reception party, make sure that the flower arrangements blend well with the particular theme. From selecting bouquets to decorative blooms, the Marquee Hire Services are tailored to fit your requirements as well as your budget. So if you have a specific preference for flowers, you can leave a quote at their online site.


Balloons are generally used for birthday parties, but you can also pick them for your wedding reception to set a lighthearted mood for the surrounding. Clusters of helium balloons placed strategically inside the marquee can lighten up the ambience. But make sure that their color and decoration go in sync with the whole setting. Balloon arches and columns are also some of the wonderful features that are now popularly used for weddings.

Popular theme ideas:-


Placing traditional chairs with embellished table runners gives a very English countryside feel when you use some pastel hued flowers and a special croquet set for the decoration.

Vintage yet luxurious:

Are you much inspired by the vintage wedding setting that your parents and their parents once had? Then adorn the marquee with shabby yet chic furniture, natural hued floral arrangements, mismatched candles and some other vintage accessories that can render a classy look to the entire setting.

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