Green Remodeling – Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home Eco-Friendly


As more and more Americans realize the impact we have on the planet, the idea of Green Remodeling  has become popular throughout the United States. However, much of the public does not know how to effectively convert their homes into Sustainable Energy, saving the planet and their wallet.

Here are some Tips and Tricks to help Make your home Eco-Friendly

1. Buy and Install Energy Efficient appliances that have less of an impact on the environment and electricity.

By buying energy efficient appliances, you are effectively saving energy and lowering your carbon emissions on the planet. Also, try to keep the fridge full as it puts less of a strain on the cooling system in a refrigerator.

2. Install thick Insulation between each wall.

The insulation traps the heat and the cold during the year and keeps your house significantly cooler or warmer depending on the season. By keeping it warmer or cooler, there is less of a need to use Air Conditioning or heating throughout a home.

3. Install Artificial Grass and optimize one’s irrigation system.

Installing artificial grass helps conserve water and can save you hundreds over the span of a year. It also never loses color, and for places like California, the city may send you a rebate. Optimizing an irrigation system to water for 10 minutes maximum twice a week, helps save water and reduce water waste.

4. Install Water Efficient toilets and shower heads.

By installing water efficient toilets in ones house, less water is wasted on flushing. For states like Arizona and California that face sever water shortages, water efficient toilets are a must. Likewise, water efficient shower heads also save water by lowering the amount of water released during a shower.

All of these ideas and more can help make a home more energy efficient and help reduce your impact on the Earth’s ecosystems.

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