Government Running Housing Schemes 2017 in Jaipur, Kanpur, Haryana, UP


If you are pursuing for a house in the best locations of India then it is quite tough to find it easily. Because,Government Running Housing Schemes 2017 in Jaipur, Kanpur, Haryana, UP Articles the private developers focus is to earn money and put the user in the ditch. Many times, a customer put their hard earning money in a house of private developer but after the completion of the project, customers faces many problem such as maintenance, water facility, road construction, etc. These are the normal issues from the residential projects of private developers.

This is the only one side of residential projects of private developers. Number of developers are active in the real estate market those are constructing residential projects with the focus of satisfying customers by providing them a lovely livable house with facilities.

If we talk about the cost of these housing units, then it is beyond the reach of middle and lower middle class families.

Towards focusing the demand of this section, every state and city in the country has a development agency and housing hoard. The task of these development agencies and housing board is to construct affordable housing to middle and lower middle class families.

Currently many housing schemes or Awas Yojana are being launched by these agencies for providing this section a housing units at affordable price.

These are few schemes which are currently in the progress for application and registration are open. For any interested one can apply.

Housing Scheme in Jaipur:

The scheme is launched by Jaipur Development Authority for 269 flats and the name of the scheme is JDA Jaipur Baxawala Yojana for registration will be end on 31 January 2017

Housing Scheme in Kanpur:

This housing scheme is of Kanpur Development Authority launched under Vinayak Shree NRI City Kanpur Yojana and the scheme located at Mainawati. Application for this scheme be closed on 20 January 2017

Housing Scheme in Haryana:

HUDA an Urban Development Agency of Haryana launched two housing scheme for the sale of residential plots in two different locations including, Rohtak and Mahendergarh. Total 459 plots are being offered in this scheme for registration will be closes on 17 February 2017.

Housing Scheme in Uttar Pradesh

The state level agency of Uttar Pradesh known as UP Awas Vikas Parishad. Two housing scheme has been launched by agency, UPAVP Avadh Vihar Yojana and UPAVP Rajajipuram Yojana. The first scheme offering 1024 flats and in second scheme, 928 flats are for sale for registration will be closes in the month of March on 31st.

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