Going Green With Steel Buildings


It can be difficult to understand the need to “go green” for the larger scale of environmental preservation. But there is one aspect of going green that should immediately grab your attention: the cost savings. The financial benefits that come with energy conservation are hard to ignore. Energy consumption is the largest and most controllable operating cost of a commercial building. This is becoming more and more evident as energy and utility costs increase at alarming rates and show no signs of slowing.

Steel is the least expensive material of all the available construction materials. Furthermore, properly treated steel is weather resistant, meaning your steel building will require little or no maintenance. The unmatched strength of steel also makes it the perfect material for buildings that require an open floor plan, where large open space is needed.

A great advantage of new steel building construction is that they can be prefabricated. These pre-made steel structures can be matched to local environment requirements and can be customized with your unique colors and finishes. The prefabricated steel building is delivered to your site ready to by assembled by an experienced local construction company. Compared to alternative and traditional construction methods, using a prefabricated steel building for your commercial facility will result in a much quicker construction time. Most prefabricated steel structures can be manufactured in 4 – 6 weeks.

Many existing steel buildings were typically constructed with only two inches of insulation, a minimal and insufficient amount, causing building managers to lose thousands of dollars annually in wasted energy. Because energy loss is large expense for steel building managers, you’ll want to make sure your steel facility is insulated properly. A correctly insulated building may result a 20-50% savings on your energy bills. These cost savings will quickly absorb the cost of insulating your steel building.

When you steel facility is equipped with a laminated vapor retardant, or facing, proper insulation prevents condensation, which allows for better climate control and maximum energy efficiency.

Don’t forget lighting efficiency. We all know the benefits of installing fluorescent light bulbs to save electricity costs. Also, insulation facing can also provide bright and reflective wall and ceiling treatments to further increase you lighting efficiency, reducing your electric bills and your need for additional lighting fixtures.

Remember, energy efficiency improvements such as re-insulation, window installation, lighting, etc. may qualify for a tax credit of up to $1.80 per square foot, dependent upon the details of the project.

Short-term fixes to energy problems can only offer short-term results. Get the maximum return on your steel building investment by reducing its operation costs and creating a more comfortable environment. Promote the overall long-term quality of your steel facility by ensuring it is properly insulated and energy efficient.

Mr. Oliver is a marketing agent of Servidyne. The environmentally-friendly company uses cutting-edge software technology to decrease the environmental impact of commercial and industrial buildings and factories, while also decreasing its energy consumption. For more information on theirĀ CMMS Implementation please visit their website.

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