From Neolithic Feng Shui to Modern Science Conclusions


Neolithic Feng Shui: During the Neolith Age,From Neolithic Feng Shui to Modern Science Conclusions Articles there was no single Chinese state. People settled near the fertile floodplains, in the area between the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers. Ancient Chinese feng shui advised building homes, facing south, on the southern slopes of hills. The homes needed to be surrounded by natural barriers (trees) to keep them warm and protect them from the northern winds. Trees also helped to prevent soil erosion and mud slides.

The trees were worshiped and served as protection against evil spirits; the slightest damage inflicted on trees was believed to be capable of causing many disasters. The modern countryside feng shui is still riddled with the ancient Neolithic superstitions.

Classic Feng Shui: It derived from Neolithic feng shui. It observes the Qi (energy flow) of heaven and earth, and its interaction. The classic teachings can help you join in the harmony that surrounds us. To do this, you need to understand your spot in your surroundings, and start moving from there towards the equilibrium. If you manage to bring harmony to your life, you’ll get the strength to act and to succeed. This may help you to achieve health, wealth and success in personal relationships.

Classic feng shui uses the following tools and data to help a person in harmonizing their life and home: compass, numerical schemes, birth year, and the year the home was constructed.

A compass helps to determine your home’s spatial position. In combination with its year of construction, you can get a Qi map of your home. Your birth year can help to determine the compatibility between you and your home. Thus, you will find out how to improve the Qi of your home by adjusting the 5 main types of Qi (fire, earth, metal, water, and wood). As a result, you may improve your well-being, health and interpersonal relationships.

Conclusions of Modern Science: Many of the Feng Shui provisions coincide with the findings of modern science. For example, the great physicist Albert Einstein proved that matter is an illusion – a masked form of energy. In other words, both, us and the space we live in, are bundles of interdependent energy flows. In order for us not to waste the available opportunities in vain, we need to direct these energy flows in the right direction.

Basic Principles of Modern Feng Shui: Positive thoughts attract favorable Qi; negative thoughts attract negative and harmful Qi. A negative state of mind has a negative impact on any situation.

Every part of creation is alive and full of energy, spirit and mind. We need to strive to reconnect with the beginning of all things. We are constantly affected by many factors, so there’s no need to search for an ideal solution to any problem. Select and apply different potential solutions from those available. Intuition always helps. After all, feng shui is an intuitive understanding of a person’s place and direction in the universe.

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