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Why not use a stager that offers free consultations? If the service is free and beneficial to all parties concerned it’s a missed opportunity if a seller or Realtor doesn’t use a stager.

First of all using a stager shows the seller that they are being well represented, and by a Realtor that is willing to use all the assets available. A free home staging consultation can never hurt, on the contrary a free home staging consultation sets the stage for a sales environment. If services are excepted then may the staging begin, if not the seller is always imparted with helpful information that will help them in the process. At the very least it’s a set of eyes that are looking at the home from a buyers perspective and eager to convey the information to the seller.

Lots of home stagers offer free consultations. Use these consultation to set the seller on their way to seeing their home as their most valuable commodity and showing it in its best light. Never leave it up to chance. Most often home owners have lots of fond memory in their home and they might passively or unconsciously resist the sale. Begin to over come this with the help of a home stager.

Home stagers will literally set the stage to make sales happen. They inherently help the seller distance themselves from their home. As the professional home stager progresses through the presentation it’s just natural for the seller to start to see their home as a commodity and detach themselves from their home. The seller starts to see staging as a marketing opportunity that doesn’t only make sense but it makes them a lot of money in their pocket.

Realtor should use stagers as a tool to add intrinsic value for your client and pave the way to a much more willing seller ready to part with their home. Using stager can cost nothing and actually creating a seller that works with you to sell the home because they see the value in helping the sale along.

Help your client by finding a stager that offers free consultations and engage them on every listing for the free consultation. Stagers are here to help you!

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