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As Dubai is a booming real estate market, you have a large number of options to consider and choose from before investing your money in real estate. It is worth pointing that the Dubai real estate consists of offices and commercial space, apartments and villas. Dubai real estate has become quite a hit among international investors because of the good investment return.

In addition, Dubai real estate boasts tremendous projects such as The World and The Palm. Talking about The World, it is the world’s biggest artificial island complex, developed with holiday resorts, golf courses and villas.

On the other hand, The Palm is being regarded as the “The Eighth Wonder of the World”. Dubai Marina, which is one of the biggest manmade waterfront projects in the world, is also one of the finest commercial real estate properties in Dubai.

HDS Tower

Located at the F2 Jumeirah Lake Tower, HDS Tower is one of the finest commercial real estate properties in Dubai. The best part about HDS Tower is its unique architectural design and beauty that gives a spectacular look to the building. Even better, HDS Tower is tailor made not only for small offices but also for large and Duplex Offices.

HDS Tower also offers breathtaking views of Arabian Sea, Jumeirah Lake, Emirates golf club and Sheikh Zayed Road. Technology is the keyword in HDS Tower, with high speed and powerful broadband connectivity and WIFI Hotspots.

Features of HDS Tower

Fool-proof Security

High-tech Intelligent building management system

Coffee shops


Building system Technology

Tinted Coated Glass

Passive & Active shading Devices

Executive Heights

Executive Heights is the backbone of global & regional businesses in Dubai. In general, Executive Heights is a tremendous 25-storey structure, giving 360,000 Sq. ft. of office space. The best part about Executive Heights is that it is fully equipped with state of the art networking technology and communication, which is quite pivotal for business companies.

Some of the features

Banking hall

Customized Workspace

High Speed Internet

Advanced Networking

Fully Equipped Conference Rooms

Digital & Satellite TV

Ample parking space

24-hour Survelliance

1 Lake Plaza
Located at Jumeirah Lake Towers, 1 Lake Plaza is one of the finest commercial real estate properties in Dubai. 1 Lake Plaza offers a dynamic blend of residences offices and retail outlets.

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