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Hello Investors,

When you start investing in real estate in Maryland, DC and Virginia, the first problem that you will have is acquiring properties. Once you have mastered this challenged, your second challenge is going to be finding exit strategies for your properties. Today, I just want to give you a quick tip on finding buyers on the Internet. Having a large pool of buyers for your properties will be invaluable. This simple tip will make your ability to succeed as a real estate investor in Maryland, DC and Virginia a lot easier.

Here’s what you do:

1. Everyday you are going to post a free classified ad for a property.

My favorite sites are craigslist and kijiji

2. Your ad simply needs to list the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, what area the property is in, what percent below market the property is selling for and a contact email for you.

3. Don’t let the fact that you don’t have an actual property under contract stop you. If you are in the process of negotiating with a seller, post that property. This gives you a better idea of what offer you can make.

4. BEST TIP: List the same property with different purchases prices. Post an ad for “investors only” and another ad for “retail buyers”.

5. When buyers respond, if the property is not currently available, ask them if you can keep them on your buyers list.

6. Track where your calls are coming from. If you notice buyers calling from a particular area, then you know that this is where you need to market for properties.

7. Post ads everyday…Your list will grow quickly and you won’t be stuck with properties.

This technique has worked great for me. I’ve made unbelievable contacts. I’ve even networked with one company that just waits for me to find properties for them by using this system.

Add this to your daily real estate investor routine and you will be on your way to surviving as a real estate investor in Maryland, DC and Virginia!

Supporting Your Real Estate Investing Career,

Valarie Jacobs


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