Feng Shui The Holidays—Deck the Halls!


Decorating with FIRE all year through; using the Element of Fire in Feng Shu

Did you ever wonder what element is missing in people’s homes the most?  As I go from home to home and business to business,Feng Shui The Holidays---Deck the Halls! Articles I almost never see the color red.  Red is pure fire, it ignites us (and our passions), stimulates us and gives us energy yet is often left out when decorating.Some people wonder why houses and offices look so festive at Holiday Time.  It’s not just all those blinking lights though I love them as well, it’s that we finally add RED to our environments and it’s a lovely addition that is well needed.  For many people this color is only used during holiday season and stored away for the rest of the year and often after giving a talk I remind people to go home and look around their homes and offices.  They more often then not report back that sure enough, they are missing even touches of the element of Fire.

We have wonderful options during the holidays and use the color in lots of ways; Red poinsettias, big red bows, red lights and candles are everywhere.  And unconsciously or not, we are more invigorated during this time.  What about those after holiday “blues” many of us go through?  Nothing to look forward to now but a potentially very long winter, cold weather, rain (if we’re lucky), snow, sleet and ice.  We feel let down, some people get sad or depressed and we go into our hibernation mode as much as possible.

This year when you are removing your decorations after the holidays, think of replacing them with other objects with the color of red to help keep that lively feeling in your home or office space.  Pretty silk flowers, red candles, even tablecloths or doilies (yes, some people still use them!) can add nice touches.  So can artwork with more vibrant colors as well as sun catchers.

As to the still raging controversy over Red in the bedroom, I have read everything from putting it Under your mattress (yes, it’s out of sight but are you really going to sleep well with the color directly under you?) to leaving it out completely (which I don’t understand either if you sleep with the lights off).  Traditionally, pink is the color of love and used in the bedroom and I advise that as well but I don’t think we should leave the color red out; when you have a special person in your life, what better place to feel stimulated, enlivened and full of energy?

In the Bagua, we ask you to use the color red in the Fame area.  Fame is how we are known to the world (mother, teacher, etc.) but also how we would LIKE to be known.  Since getting your name out to the Universe is a big Feng Shui Principle, igniting your Fame could be as easy as putting up your name surrounded by the color Red.  Don’t forget to include your Intentions of how you would like the world to see you as well; this is very important to our evolving to the person we want to become.

Where else would we typically add more fire?  Mantles are a popular place, especially in Home Staging.  In staging a home for sale, each room should have a distinct focal point that the eye goes to.  It should be warm and inviting and give off energy, something that is oftentimes lacking in some home staging.  Creating a balance on the mantle and putting up simple and inexpensive candle holders with Red Candles can increase the energy of the room as well as the focal point.  We want a prospective buyer to feel good energy and imagine themselves living in it.

Also, take a look around the outside of your home.  I walk around a home during a consultation to address each area from the outside and I recommend it to you as well.  Homeowners become so used to certain things that they “mean” to get to outside but it often never gets done.  Red on the outside of a home is also something used in Feng Shui; instead of regular wind chimes, how about red ones?  We also use mobiles in areas we want to get moving and they come in every color.  Energy outside the home is every bit as important as energy inside.

So before you dismantle your holiday decorating, look around for other items in red that you can replace many of them with.  For my clients on a budget, a trip to the dollar store can find you useful items.  Bed, Bath and Beyond is also a good place to try.  Your home will feel more invigorating and stimulating all year through.

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