Feng Shui Space Clearing and the Auspicious Home


Feng shui space clearing is essential to improve the energy of your home. The followers of feng shui say that if the previous homeowner was plagued with failures and illnesses, then the new owner may be unhappy also. For example, if the former homeowner went bankrupt, then the new owner may not be successful in business.

Everything that happens creates waves,Feng Shui Space Clearing and the Auspicious Home Articles like a stone thrown into water. Any recurring situation, mood, or atmosphere leaves its mark on the walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, plants, animals and people. This is especially true for events accompanied by strong emotions. This energy accumulates, and gets stuck in all corners and nooks.

If you have just moved into a new house, or if you sense negativity in your home, you need to thoroughly purify it on two levels – the physical and energetic. Feng shui space clearing is essential, as it’s the first step to improving the feng shui of any home. So, let’s see how you can clear your home’s energy.

It’s best to start with the physical removal of dirt. You need to scrape, peel, and wash off all you can: the old wallpaper, paint, and old carpets. You may want to refurbish the floors as well. If the floors are wooden it’s best not to cover them with varnish – a tree is a living material that needs to breathe. Next, do the wet cleaning – water has a tremendous cleansing power.

You can also use pieces of wood or woodcrafts to adjust the energy. Determine the strategic sectors of your home, and place pieces of wood or woodcrafts made of aspen, birch, fir or oak in these areas. These woods absorb the negative vibes. Maple, bird cherry, rowan, hazel and juniper can even convert negative energy into positive.

Next, obtain Chinese candles or incense (e.g., sandalwood), and light them for a couple of days in the rooms. Traditional Chinese bells can also help. They disperse stagnant energy, dispel negative energy, and harmonize the energy flow. You can also consider acquiring Chinese chimes and use them in your home.

Another suggestion is to use unpolished crystals and program them to cleanse the space. Take a crystal in your hand and say what you need from it, or bring it to your heart and let your feelings flow into it. Such a crystal would be a good defender of your home, and a good energy cleanser.

Once you have completed the feng shui space clearing, you can consider using various talismans and symbols that can protect and help their owner. Humankind has always sought the help of symbols, and the 21st century is no exception. We will list the most powerful symbols below. You can draw one on paper, wrap it in silk and hide it in your home. Alternatively, you can hang it on a wall or buy a figurine that represents it.

Circle: a powerful ancient symbol that represents eternity, unity, and perfection. Triangle: the embodiment of pyramids that symbolizes the unity of the body, mind and spirit; the unity of the mother, father and child; the unity of the past, present and future. Square: a symbol of the four elements (air, water, fire and earth) and the four seasons; it symbolizes stability and strength. Stars: symbolize intelligence, creativity and success. Wavy line: symbolizes the oceans, the beginning of life, variability and adaptability. Spiral: the symbol of wisdom.

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