Feng Shui Products for Boosting All Aspects of Life


When it comes to feng shui products, the options to choose from are overwhelming. You can find items for love and romance, wealth and prosperity, luck and success, business and career, health and peace of mind, and many more.

Moreover,Feng Shui Products for Boosting All Aspects of Life Articles you can find charms for home (bedroom, kitchen, living room, and entrance), garden, office, and car. All of the available amulets are meant to create balanced living and enhance every aspect of life. In this article, we will discuss several of the most popular talismans for enhancing the different aspects of life using the ancient notion of feng shui.

Love and romance: The feng shui products for enhancing love come in two. Whichever love item you choose, make sure that it comes in two similar or even identical objects. Some of the most popular charms for enhancing romantic relationships and marriage are Koi carps, mandarin ducks, orange trees, and pictures of happy couples. These amulets need to be placed in the bedroom or the feng shui love corner – the southwest of any room. Wealth and prosperity: The feng shui products for boosting wealth come in a number of forms: gold-colored items, Chinese coins, and specific talismans. The most commonly used and the most powerful amulets for boosting prosperity are: Gold Ingots, the magic scepter Ru Yi, Money Trees, Three Legged Money Toads, and Wealth Gods. There are a number of Wealth Gods to choose from, including “civil” and “military”, laughing and strict, etc. It’s best to choose the god that you like personally. These charms are placed in the southeast – the wealth corner.

Luck and success: Any amulet can bring luck and success to its owner, as long as it is placed in the zone that you want to boost (money, health, love, creativity, children, etc.). However, there are specific charms that can boost your overall luck. These are: Chi Lin, Kuan Kung, and Chinese dragons. Chi Lin is a protective animal similar to a unicorn. It has horns, blue and green scaly skin, hooves, tail, and the head of a dragon. Kuan Kung is a military commander, who protects the home and brings luck. Chinese dragons are magical beings that also bring luck and protect homes.

Business and career: One of the most effective talismans for businesses is the Greedy Dragon of Ambition, which attracts business luck and helps to outdo the competitors. This item goes into the zone of career – in the north.

Health and peace of mind: The most potent feng shui products for boosting health are salt water cures, which capture the negative energy in your premises. Both, health and peace of mind can be boosted using crystal singing bowls, fountains, and wind chimes. These talismans are placed in the east – the corner of health.

You can also find items for Reputation and Fame (south), Children and Creativity (west), Self-Cultivation and Knowledge (northeast), and Helpers and Travel (northwest). Our advice is to determine the parts of your life that need to be boosted, pick the charm that you like, and place it in its zone. Soon, you should see a large improvement in your life.

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