Feng Shui Obstacles and Solutions: Feng Shui for Homes and Offices


Use the art of Feng Shui in your home or business to overcome obstacles and find solutions easily.

For Every Obstacle There is a Feng Shui Solution

Go in,Feng Shui Obstacles and Solutions:  Feng Shui for Homes and Offices Articles out, around or straight through it

We often encounter problems and obstacles in life.  Using Feng Shui approaches to help overcome them comes with what we call adopting a “Feng Shui Lifestyle.”  For every obstacle we come across, we are most likely meant to LEARN something.  All of life is a learning process but if you get too “stuck” on what the lesson was, you won’t be able to navigate around the problem. 

Obstacles can present themselves in a number of way.  Health issues, money difficulties, problems with our children or other family members that make us worry, issues with our relationships or careers.  In adopting a Feng Shui Lifestyle, take a good, objective look at the problem confronting you.  Ask yourself what advice you would give your best friend is they were going through the same thing.  Taking a step back from yourself to evaluate the issue is one of the most difficult things to do because it is happening to US.

Is there a way around it?  What can you do to relieve the stress associated with it while you are dealing with it.  Look at your options; there are always options, the world is not black and white, it is filled with all shades of gray and colors that we sometimes miss.  Look for a way to circumvent the issue, even if it is only a temporary solution, until you feel you are more in control and better able to make a good, permanent decision.

Sometimes, for a quick resolution, it is best to confront an obstacle head on.  Go right IN to the issue, see what you can do to change the situation immediately.   And act on it.  This is often difficult for many people and totally normal to not want to confront issues and difficulties head on, but it can offer much relief because they are often more quickly resolved.

A Feng Shui lifestyle asks us to keep a balance in life.  Try to remember this as you are going through the “hard” times.  Keeping a balance of work and play, in our diet and sleep can help us come to an answer of how best to deal with the obstacle.  While it can be extremely difficult to sleep well during these times, do whatever you can to clear your head before bedtime.  Besides restoring our bodies for the next day, answers can suddenly come to us when our bodies are most open to thoughts, ideas and solutions. 

I believe for every issue there is a way around it whether you have to confront it head on or take a path of least resistance (which is often times while you will see in Feng Shui the words “Go with the Flow.”  I agree with those words, we are often able to do that but for other obstacles and situations, confronting and dealing with it head on will not keep you “stuck” on it but will allow you to move forward in life.

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