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In feng shui, money trees are one of the main symbols of wealth.

An ancient Chinese legend tells about a tree with gold coins on its branches: when it’s shaken,Feng Shui Money Trees Articles gold coins fall to the ground like drops of rain.

A rain of gold coins is one of the favorite themes in Chinese art, which is often depicted in Chinese paintings. This money symbol works on the following principle: like attracts like, and money attracts money. The amulet can come in an array of options, including live plants, artificial commercial charms, and hand-made talismans. In this article, we will discuss and advise on each type.

Plants: In feng shui, money trees are plants with thick and fleshy leaves of a circular shape (the so-called succulents). To strengthen the talisman, attach coins and notes to the leaves, or put them in the pot. Avoid placing the plant next to cactuses, as this can lead to the following situation: the wealth is there, but it’s complicated by problems that are as sharp as cactus spines.

Hand-Made: You can make this talisman with your own two hands. To do this, you need coins, banknotes, wire, play-dough, foil and a flower pot. Make holes in the coins, or use Chinese coins with holes. Make branches from wire and hang the coins and banknotes on them.

Having made a few branches, twist them together to make them look like a tree. The trunk can be wrapped with foil or painted with a gold or silver paint. Place the construction in a flowerpot and secure with play-dough. Your work and creative energy will definitely lead you to success.

There are many ways to create feng shui money trees with your own two hands. You can glue coins onto a photo of a tree (preferably a strong and beautiful one like oak or sycamore). You can sew banknotes (rolled in tubes and tied with red ribbons) onto tree-embroidered fabric. You can put a dragon in the branches, attach a motto on the trunk, or put three red lights at its base, etc. In Feng Shui, they traditionally place an image of an owl onto the tree – this symbol of wisdom will save you from wasteful investments.

Commercial: You can also find nice commercial items. A popular example is money trees that stand on gold bars, and have gold coins on their branches (the material can be anything, as long as it’s painted in a gold color). Ancient feng shui texts refer to a tree that stands on a gold bar, which shows a dragon and phoenix. This symbol is more potent than the one in a pot. Another option is the tree that has its leaves made of precious stones, such as jade or carnelian. And finally, you can find the trees with peaches instead of coins. These give many years of happy life. A peach is a symbol of longevity, spring, love, and happy relationships. To find a soul-mate or improve your current relationship, put it in the southwest section of your room.

Placement: Whichever type of wealth symbol you choose, it needs to be placed properly. One of the popular areas is the southeast or northwest section of a living room, or any other room in your home. Alternatively, the talisman can be placed near the home or office entrance.

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