Feng Shui Kitchen Planning for Prosperity and Health


If you want to arrange your home by feng shui, you may want to start with feng shui kitchen, because the kitchen is where we to spend a lot of our conscious time.

According to feng shui,Feng Shui Kitchen Planning for Prosperity and Health Articles the kitchen represents nourishment and prosperity. Good nutrition is always associated with health and wealth. By designing your kitchen in accordance with the principles of feng shui, you may assist in your own prosperity and health.

Feng shui is a rather complicated theory presented by various schools, where tips are usually given for a particular house and the individuals living in it. Despite this, there are basic principles applicable to any kitchen, which will help to make it a feng shui kitchen.

Location: This does not always depend on us. However, if you are building a house or you have the option of re-planning, you can build the kitchen in the right place – the rear of the house, or at least, behind the central axis of the house.

It’s considered a negative if you see the kitchen as soon as you enter the house. This may encourage you and other residents to eat non-stop. It may also cause your guests to leave immediately after eating. Even if your kitchen is in the front, do not panic, because there are certain techniques that will help to reduce the possible negatives. You can hang beaded curtains or blinds on the kitchen door. You can also place something bright and distracting diagonally across from the kitchen, such as a painting.

Color Palette: Try to avoid red and orange hues in the kitchen, because they can provoke controversy. Try to use white, light green and light blue, to balance the elements of Fire and Water. For the same reason, try to use the utensils, appliances, and accessories made of stainless steel.

The positioning: One of the most important principles is that the one who cooks is in the dominant position. That is, standing behind the stove or table, you should be facing the door. This may be difficult to achieve in small kitchens; if you have a small kitchen, you can hang a mirror or other object with a reflective surface over the stove. The mirror can be of any size, but the larger the better. It’s good if the kitchen is spacious and has a wide doorway – in this case, you do not feel isolated.

According to experts, a feng shui kitchen should be based on a triangle – the refrigerator, stove and sink should form the angles of a triangle. The distance between them should be about 6 feet – this will ensure maximum comfort with minimal repetitive movements. This arrangement will also help to separate the elements of Fire (stove, microwave oven) from the elements of Water (refrigerator, sink). They can also be separated with the Wood element, such as wooden furniture, a plant or images of plants.

The stove should not stand next to the window, because heat represents prosperity and wealth, and nobody wants their wealth to fly out the window. The feng shui kitchen has to be kept clean and tidy. If anything breaks, try to get rid of it as fast as possible.

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