Feng Shui for Singles: How to Attract a New Love to Your Life


Despite successful careers,Feng Shui for Singles:  How to Attract a New Love to Your Life Articles loads of money, fantastic looks or physique, the truth is even the most seemingly “perfect” single people will tell you that they would be happiest if they had someone to love. It is said that there is someone for everyone, it is just a matter of finding that someone. Ay, and to quote Shakespeare, there’s the rub.

If you talk to a scientist, you’ll hear that meeting someone is just a matter of numbers. If you can raise your exposure to a greater number of potential candidates, then you raise the likelihood of cupid’s arrow hitting the mark. Well, most single people I know are surrounded by thousands of people everyday at the grocery store, at the office, in airports, at the gym, etc., etc., but they haven’t met the person that pulls their heartstrings.

Maybe you have tried singles mixers, speed dating at the local sports pub, or even resorted to having your friends set you up with eligible singles. And what if all that turns up zero? Then maybe it’s time to see if your house, your office, or your business could be undermining your efforts to gain a suitable partner in love. So, what exactly are the key elements for singles to look for when determining if the energy of their space is killing their romantic prospects? You are about to find out. Now, get ready to make a serious assessment of your space to open your life to a new love!

1. Is a “man” or a “woman” missing in your life?
You could be without a special someone because you are missing a NW or SW corner! Every space must have a NW and a SW corner. These are the cornerstones of a space, and in feng shui thought, the two most important sectors. The NW corresponds to a man and the SW corresponds to a woman. So, if you are a single woman, you need to activate your NW sector, or a single man, the SW sector. By the same token, both single men and women need to activate the SW sector because it is also the sector of marriage, romance, and relationships.

If your NW or SW corners are missing, or afflicted by a toilet, kitchen, storeroom, etc., then you begin to see what the problem is. How do you correct this? If you are extremely serious about finding someone, then moving might be an option. However, less drastic measures are also available. Use these tips to guide you.

•If the NW or SW corner is missing: Place a mirror on the wall where the NW corner should be so that it visually expands. Outside, where the missing corner is, try to delineate this space with a light pole, a heavy rock or object, or create a fenced area or garden to put back this missing area.

•If the NW/SW corner has a toilet: Make sure this room has a mirror in it. Keep the door closed. You can also try the following remedies of placing a heavy rock in the NW toilet, and candles and red objects in the SW toilet. DO NOT make the mistake of putting candles or red objects in the NW or a stone in the SW because this will make things much, much worse!

•If the NW/SW has a kitchen:
In the NW, this is a very bad placement. Kitchens in the NW are not good. You can try to add stones here, such as geodes, or whatever strikes your fancy. You can also paint this room a beige color. This will help strengthen the NW energy with the earth element of the beige color. Avoid water or fire elements in the NW kitchen as these hurt the precious NW energy.

In the SW, add pairs of objects here, such as setting a place for two at the table, even if there is only one dining! You can also had a stone object here or paint the kitchen beige to add more “earth” energy.

2.Tap your personal marriage and romance direction.
Orient the bed or sleep with your head pointing in your marriage and family direction based on your kua number. Move your desk to face this direction (although, you should make sure you do not ever have your back to the door). Eat facing this direction, and enter doors from this direction.

Here are the orientations for both men and women:

5Northwest (male)
West (female)

Besides using the doors according to your kua number, sitting, eating, and sleeping, you will also want to energize the corresponding areas in your living room.

3. Fake it until you make it.
Make your bedroom appear as if a couple lived in it. So be sure to decorate it in a gender-neutral manner (no fussy flowers and pastels or severely masculine rooms). Make sure there are pairs of lamps (one on either side of the bed), and pairs of objects in the bedroom.

Put lots of romantic images in here! Display pictures or figurines that say romance to you. Pictures of couples kissing, holding hands, anything to “inspire” your loving feelings. Some people intentionally remove any pictures of romance because they don’t want to be reminded that they are lonely. Wrong. You need to be reminded and inspired because it will work to activate you more to seek out a new partner.

4. Activate the “man” and “woman” in your space.
You should activate your home, your bedroom, your garden, your desk, and your office, and any other space you occupy to increase the influence of the NW and SW energies.

To activate the “MAN” area (NW) in your space:

Desk: Put a phone or fax here, add a radio, or put the computer on this corner of your desk, place a picture of a handsome man here, or add a moving metal sculpture; (metal pendulum clocks are great).

Home/Living Room: Put your television or stereo in the NW sector (unless it is the bedroom). Or, you can put manly objects in this area if it is your bedroom. Objects such as books a man might read (or your ideal man would read!), the sports page, or a picture of a handsome man (or men? Chippendale’s calendar, maybe?) in this location is good.

Bedroom: A CD player with romantic music that you listen to nightly would be wonderful in a NW corner of the bedroom.

Yard: Place a shepherd’s hook here and hang a windchime on it. Anything metal would be excellent here.

Office: Gold windchime with a fan gently blowing to make it tinkle softly. This is also a good idea in the living room.

Remember, both women and men want to activate the SW corner of their homes, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and desks! That’s because the SW corresponds to romance, marriage, and women.

To activate the “WOMAN” and “ROMANCE” area (SW) in your space try these ideas:
Desk: Place a beautiful stone (such as rose quartz) or a beautiful vase in the SW corner of your desk. You can make a copy of the double happiness symbol and place it on this corner; it’s believed to make married men out of confirmed bachelors. Add red items in this location, crystal objects (a crystal pendulum clock would be wonderful here!), or red crystal paperweight is also a perfect addition. You will also want to place a copy of the “Double Happiness” symbol here.

Home/Living Room: Make sure the SW sectors of your home and living room have love objects appropriate to the SW corner. This can be a terracotta or porcelain vase, candles, picture of a mountain, such as Ayers Rock, would be especially auspicious.

Bedroom: A CD player with romantic music that you listen to nightly would be wonderful in a SW corner of the bedroom. Place a lamp in this corner and make sure it stays on at least 3 hours a day. Better still, keep it on the entire day while you are out!

Yard: Place a large boulder or group of boulders here. Or, place a cement bench in this location. You may also wish to put a statue of a couple in this location, or plant some red or pink flowers here.

Office: Add a picture here of a mountain (provided it is not directly in front of you), or some other romantic scene that is tasteful. A lamp in this location is also a good idea.

5. Eliminate the old to bring in the new.
If you have pictures of old boyfriends and girlfriends hanging around, then they’re still there! Get rid of the pictures and mementos. Make sure that you have new sheets, too, to sleep on. Old energy can linger in the bed as well.

One single woman (she was divorced) had pictures of her ex everywhere and wondered why her love life was poor. What man wants to compete with a former boyfriend – or worse, an ex-husband.

6. Employ some “magic.”
Some feng shui stems from Chinese folklore and superstition. But if it helps you draw Mr. or Ms. Right, who cares, right?

•Rainbows for love.
Hang a crystal in the SW windows. Then, let the sun’s rays shine on the crystal to create rainbows in the SW sector of your house for extra romantic energy in your space.

•Use a magic box.
This is said to draw a spouse to you. Purchase a silver box, either round or square shaped. Write your deepest desires for a spouse on a piece of paper. Place this box in the SW or NW corner of the house, in a cupboard or out of sight. A square box should be placed in the SW and a round box in the NW.

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