Feng Shui Flying Star application…. (Advanced)


Question: Hi,

Could you share your understanding in pairing up the following & list the pairs in order of most importance/power for interpreting the flying star configurations:

mountain star,Feng Shui Flying Star application.... (Advanced) Articles water star, time/earth/construction star, year/annual star, monthly star, house trigram, personal trigram, etc.

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Go to my links page (part of my Freebies section), and join either of the Feng Shui e-mail lists, they are the perfect forum for just your type of questions. Well worth the time and effort.

In regard of wealth, compare the mountain star to the water star. Is it enhancing it, against it, weakening it, etc…? Still thinking about wealth, what is the (you call) time/earth/construction star doing to it during this 20 year period and also look at the next period. Check the Yearly stars to see if they may trigger anything. Don’t worry about monthly stars too much, their effect is normally too weak to concern yourself with.

Do the same things, but this time for the mountain stars in regard of health and relationships.

Check the pathways into the premises, what is being brought in at the facing and sitting sides, also at the doorways, simply use the entry way that has the most positive water star located there. Look at what energies are being carried through your premises are they positive or negative? Use an appropriate pathway.

Check what energies are being brought into each room, by shrinking the chart down and placing it centred over each room so as to see the water stars at the door ways.

Check the front door/main entry door influence, by centring your chart over the doorway and seeing what water stars are being brought there from outside (along the path or driveway) and check how they work together (for, against, etc…)

This is really all a beginner needs to do when looking at the Flying Stars. Make sure to look at the forms (surroundings) outside, do they support the stars?

Hope this helps you. Let me know.

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