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Question: Hello John,

My name is Jacqui. I am inquiring as I once read an article and it told how to help in conceiving a child by placing something in the middle of one of the walls in your bedroom and it had to be a certain wall and specific things. It also gave hints as to what to place if you preferred a boy or girl.

I now cannot find the article and I am now interested. Can you provide me with this advice please.

Thank you from Jacqui.

Answer: Howdy Jacqui,

This is a little more complicated than the method you mentioned,Feng Shui FAQ - Conceiving a Child Advice please.... Articles which worked purely on your power of belief. You will need to do 3 things.

1. Take a compass reading from outside of your home, making sure to keep well away from anything that may influence your reading, such as power lines, cars, and chunky metal jewellery. What we need is to know what direction you home sits and faces (these are 180 degrees from each other). This is found by aligning with the side of your home looking from the front towards the back, and noting what angle you are getting. Make a note of this angle.

2. Go to my free online course at http://www.purefengshui.com and work out your Flying Star chart. You need your buildings facing direction and when the home was built to complete this, step-by-step examples on how to draw it up are given there! If you don’t know when the home was built, try your local council, they will probably charge a small fee for this information. We need to know which of the following time periods (or earlier) that it was built between. Period 4 – 1924 to ‘ 43; Period 5 – ‘ 44 to ‘ 63; Period 6 – ‘ 64 to ‘ 83; Period 7 – ‘ 84 to 2003. From these 2 bits of information you will get a Flying Star Chart, which has 9 squares, with 3 numbers in each box. What we need is to know is where the 8 appears on the top left of a square, is it in the North, SW, NE, where is it?

3. Now that you know where the 8 Mountain is, we can advise you where to try and procreate within your home. Place a protractor on the floor in the centre of your home, with the same angles you got for your sitting and facing pointing towards the front and back of the home. If the 8 mountain (the number 8 in the top left position of a square) is in the North, use the room that is as close as possible to 0 or 360 degrees; for the NE – use the room that is closest to 45 degrees; and so on…. East – 90; SE – 135; South – 180; SW – 225; West – 270; NW – 315.

Jacqui’s sister told me via e-mail that Jacqui gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl – John (4 May 2004)

All the best, John Mausolf
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