Feng Shui Design Tips for Balanced Yin and Yang


The feng shui design tips vary depending on the room that you want to apply them to. The tips can also vary depending on the geographic location of your house.

When it comes to this ancient Chinese notion,Feng Shui Design Tips for Balanced Yin and Yang Articles we can either use the simple general tips, or choose to study the in-depth maps of the home and the individual that lives there. In this article, we will discuss the simple tips for anyone to improve their home’s energy the easy way.

Most people are likely to spend most of their time in their living room, bedroom, and kitchen. In this article, we will give tips for the aforementioned parts of your premises.  To achieve balance, we need to harmonize the Yin and Yang. Yang is active and heavenly; Yin is passive and earthly. These are the two opposites that we need to learn more about to understand how to harmonize them.

Yin is dark colors, soft light, smooth lines, silence, stillness, coolness and dampness; it’s low furniture, soft pillows, carpets, massive chairs, stairs, closets, as well as stale air with heavy scents. Yin is the isolation, cold, and the order that is established once and for all.

Yang is light and bright colors, straight lines, warmth, dryness, high and rigid furniture; it’s loud sounds, airy fragrances, vertical objects, large plants, and the upper floors. Yang is movement, changes, striving upward, activities and communication.

Living Room Feng Shui Design Tips: There are two types of living rooms – the lively and energetic ones (Yang), and calm and relaxing ones (Ying). Depending on the type of living room that you have or want to have, you need to either increase the calm Ying or the active Yang in the room. To make the room more energetic, you can add vibrant colors, vertical objects, large plants, high furniture, family photos, books, games, and media to the room. To make the room calmer, you can use dark colors, low and massive furniture, comfortable seating, soft pillows, and soothing images.

Bedroom Feng Shui Design Tips: The bedroom typically needs the Yin energy, which will help you to relax and calm down. Try to use soft furniture, upholstered chairs, and calming colors here. The colors don’t have to be dark, they merely need to be relaxing, such as pastel lilac, yellow, blue, and gray. However, the bedroom also needs to have some Yang in it. This can be achieved by using red – the color of love and warmth. Adding a red candle or pillow will suffice. You can use similar guidance for bathroom decorating.

Kitchen Feng Shui Design Tips: The kitchen is active Yang energy. It’s advised to have the kitchen decorated in light and cool colors, such as light blue, light green, and white. Stainless steel objects will help to add to the overall active atmosphere. You can also use vertical objects, large plants, and high furniture. Try to keep the windows open in the daytime, to let more Yang energy in. However, also consider adding accents of Ying energy, such as a small black accessory.

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