Feng Shui – Create Prosperity at the Office by Clearing the Clutter


The essence of Feng Shui revolves around using positive energy,Feng Shui - Create Prosperity at the Office by Clearing the Clutter Articles or Chi, to enhance your surroundings. Serenity, prosperity, and wealth follow the occupants of homes and offices with Chi.

Your office should be a pleasant, un-cluttered, well-lit, and inspiring space. The most important thing you can do to increase the flow of chi is to get rid of the piles of clutter throughout the office. If your desk has piles of papers, boxes, files, and post-it notes taped to the computer, chi will get stuck. Your creativity and decision-making skills will be blocked. If your office is orderly and un-cluttered, you will think more clearly and make decisions more easily.

Here are some tips to clear the clutter in your office:
1. Piles of boxes and papers on the floor immediately slows the flow of chi, so get rid of all the piles for a smooth flow.
2. Go through all the piles on your desk. Sort them into your files. Use stacking baskets, file cabinets, and rolling files to keep things organized.
3. Go through your desk drawers. Throw out old pens, old notes, loose paperclips and rubber bands. Buy a desk organizer to keep things organized into compartments.
4. File cabinets and bookshelves can get overloaded with old papers, out-dated manuals, old magazines, and piles of old paper and envelops. These things all create negative energy.
5. Your computer also needs to be cleaned up. Delete old e-mails, back-up files onto a CD and store in a CD tower. Clean up your temp files and Internet cache on a regular basis.

Clearing the clutter will not happen overnight. Give yourself one or two weeks to get your office in order. Try to chip away at it a little each day. Tackle one task at a time. Before you know it wealth and prosperity will be heading your way. Check out this Feng Shui website for more information http//www.168fengshui.com/

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