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Feng Shui is no accident. This is a system of living in harmony with your surroundings. Developed over many centuries Feng Shui was created to embrace certain rules, elements, colors and placement of objects. A perfect compliment to your decorating and remodeling plans. Anyone, from Feng Shui beginners to seasoned practitioners, can make their home more in tune with the Universe and—by following certain guides—attract health, wealth and harmony.

Feng Shui has just recently come to the forefront in the DIY home remodeling and decorating world. Do-it-yourself homeowners are learning about and implementing concepts from Feng Shui accordingly. As the economy experiences more problems and people become more nervous,Feng Shui Beginners Tips ... Remodel For Harmony Articles this system of a healthy, more prosperous life becomes more attractive. In fact, many who laughed at the idea of Feng Shui just a few years ago are now solid converts!
Feng Shui is made of several absolutes, such as the Five Elements: water, wood, earth, metal and fire, the Colors: those which comprise the Yen & Yang expressions of mood, the Rules, and the Bagua Map: a plan of aligning your environment according to a prescribed template. All this may seem a bit restrictive but the outcome of implementing and following these directives may result in a more freeing, peaceful attitude. A little like learning to play the piano. The more time you spend learning and practicing, the freer you play.
The Five Elements are important as each has its specific properties. Water is fluid, and associates with communication and career. Also, it has some connection to abundance, making it vital to incorporate into any plans for your home office or work. A small fountain or fish aquarium will also add a peaceful sound and a pleasant feeling. Wood brings a feeling of strength and is thought to enhance creativity. A wood desk, wood furniture, wood room divider or a wood paneled wall brings positive energy.
Earth denotes permanence, stability and family home. There are three areas of your life Earth relates to; your health, your relationships and your awareness. Potted plants and “earthy” colors may bring you back “down to earth” and increase your stability, well being and your effective learning. Metal is strength. It draws attention and transmits energy, bringing in sharpness and clarity. Metal accents, bowls and pots are advised. Fire is power. Power to help and to destroy! Passion, love, energy and danger. The enthusiasm to succeed may lead to aspirations of power. Perhaps a simple candle or two here.
Feng Shui Colors are important to understand when you redecorate or remodel and are specific to the room they appear in. For instance, colors used in your office will be different than those used in your bedroom. Each color also has very specific meanings and symbolism. Red relates to high energy, emotion and good luck while blues and greens are healing, growth and wealth. Yen & Yang are all about colors. Yin colors are those which are calming—blues, greens and “cooler” colors—while Yang colors stimulate and motivate. These, in turn, are “warmer” colors, such as orange, reds and yellows. Consider the purpose of each room and work your colors around that.
Feng Shui Rules revolve around simplicity. Although there are numerous definitions, Feng Shui Rules can be stated as that which calms, simplifies, organizes and de-clutters our lives. Feng Shui literally means “wind water” in Chinese and the rules are directed toward providing a flowing, free yet organized “Chi” if followed. Chi (or ch’i, pronounced k-eye) is the concept that everything has its own energy, which is constantly changing and flowing through space. Simplicity is the first rule, but its followed closely by “remove clutter!” Others are; incorporate natural elements, use calming colors, be aware of your surroundings, separate the living areas according to purpose and remove things which do not have a positive influence on you.
The Bagua Map (or simply Bagua) is important to be aware of, as it directs the actual room locations and flow of energy (chi) within the room and through the home. Not only does the location of each room matter, but the colors and elements in each room, as well. The Feng Shui Bagua Map also shows how the nine areas of our lives relate. These are; Wealth, Reputation, Love, Family, Health, Children, Knowledge, Career and Friends/Guides/Travel.
Thankfully, a complete understanding of Feng Shui is not as important as implementing as many of the Five Elements, Colors, Rules and the Bagua as we can. If you work at home and have a dedicated room or area for your office, there are things you can do to inflate the possibility of wealth. Changing the colors in the kitchen may bring about better nutrition and health. Rearrange the furniture to create energy. For more information, free tips and ideas, click on FENG SHUI TIPS.

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