Feng Shui Bamboo aka Dracaena Sanderiana


The feng shui bamboo (aka Dracaena Lucky Bamboo or Dracaena Sanderiana) is a plant that can be bought in flower shops.

This plant is not real bamboo,Feng Shui Bamboo aka Dracaena Sanderiana Articles but it does look similar. It has green springs that are coiled at the top, and a small green offshoot. The bottom of the plant (usually with spines) is placed in a glass flask with water. Many vendors don’t know how to care for this plant or how to use it in feng shui. Our article will help fill the gaps of this sort.

The name Lucky Bamboo is a traditional name from ancient China. To date, this plant is known as Dracaena Sanderiana from the lily family. This unpretentious plant grows well indoors, so it’s an ideal plant for a home or office.  In Asia, where nature is an integral part of human life, Dracaena Sanderiana has been a symbol of prosperity for over 400 years. It is often used in feng shui, which sees the world as the interaction of five elements: water, fire, earth, wood and metal. The green color and thin vertical shape give this plant the perfect characteristics of the wood element. It’s believed that feng shui bamboo increases the flow of the positive Chi energy. You can buy this plant tied with red or gold ribbon – this is intended to strengthen its positive effect.

It’s recommended to purchase this plant in one of the following variations: Three stems – attracts happiness. Five stems – attracts wealth. Seven stems – bestows health. Twenty-one stems – brings the universal well-being in all aspects of life.

In the East it is believed that by increasing the wellbeing of another we increase our own wellbeing. Consequently, feng shui bamboo is an ideal gift. By tradition, the owner can give their visitor a stalk from the bunch that stands in the owner’s house. Presenting a bundle of three stems at a wedding helps build a happy marriage. A combination of 20 twining stems that range in their height is called the Tower of Love. Traditionally, this “tower” is a gesture of care, friendship and compassion. For wealth and prosperity, the Tower of Love should be placed in the south, east or southeast.

In order for your feng shui bamboo to live longer, you need to observe certain rules. First, avoid placing it in direct sunlight. If the leaves have brown spots, it means that the plant gets too much sunlight. This plant needs water, and it’s best to use filtered or distilled water. Its leaves may turn yellow due to poor water quality, such as using water with a high content of chlorine. You can add mineral fertilizers to the water to maintain balance and promote healthy plant growth. The water has to be changed every fifteen days. If you want new stalks, cut the stem below the joint.

Another popular plant is the Tree of Happiness, also known as Chinese bamboo. This is a plant with a few tubules with rosettes of green leaves. This plant has no relation to real bamboo – it’s a species of Dracaena – Dracaena Fragrans Stedneri. In China and other Asian countries, this plant is considered a symbol of happiness and prosperity in homes. The Trees of Happiness are usually sold in vases with water. Taking care of this plant is simple – change the water, add fertilizer and clean the leaves from any dust.

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