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The term ‘face lift’ is a term which is often synonymous with cosmetic surgery and is one that is familiar to most people. Made popular by Hollywood stars it is now one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgeries.

I was bored at work the other day and I decided to use the all mighty Google to look for things to bide my boredom and my mind wondered to looking at plastic surgery for some reason.  After all,Guest Posting everyone likes looking at the gory or nasty pictures once in a while of the post op scars and such.  My friends think that is quite weird but in secret I am thinking of having a facelift Thailand and so I want to know more about what I am getting myself in to.

I have never once been under the knife, except to have my tonsils removed when I was 13 years old and you hear those horror stories so I want to be sure that what I am about to undertake is quite safe and so I have decided that, between India and Thailand (and the mere thought of China) I have decided that my facelift will be done in Thailand and I have a list of things to do before I make up my mind.  I need to find a reputable hospital in Thailand and to speak to their staff to see that they know exactly what I want and want is best for me as I am a little scared that things may go wrong and I end up looking like Harvey Dent from Batman, we all fear the worse, right?

Anyway, I spent the best part of the last few days researching hospitals in Thailand and I looked on a few well know websites for facelift Thailand and  this one particular hospital came highly recommended.  I contacted them with some trepidation and I was pleasantly surprised by their superb English skills and positive manner towards the whole endeavor and it left me feeling right at ease.  They even scheduled a Skype call with a local surgeon over there so I could ask any more questions that I had about the procedure.You have to marvel at technology these days and what you can achieve.  I have even started looking in to going to a few Thai beaches as part of me recovery plan. And I am just closing up this message by saying that I was very pleased I looked in to having a facelift Thailand and my Skype meeting is scheduled for tomorrow so I have a few hours to learn more about what will be happening to me in a few days and to look again at the pictures of the beautiful Thai beaches that I am absolutely looking forward too.  

Google can help me find some nice pictures of Thailand too to help get me excited for my operations and I will write more after my initial consultation in case anyone else is reading this, and, like me, now has an interest in having a facelift Thailand.

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