Extraordinary Bathrooms with a Small Corner Bathtub


Change Your Bathroom into Extraordinary with a Small Corner Bathtub Tired of the same old ordinary bathroom? You could turn your ordinary bath into an extraordinary one with a small corner bathtub. A small corner bathtub is designed to maximize space by being deeper and fitting into very little space.  If you have a four foot available space; then you could be able to install a small corner tub into your bathroom.  If you already have a tub or shower stall in a corner; or very near to it; this is a great place to put a new small corner bath tub. Installation here will be much easier and less costly.There are a wide variety of small corner tubs on the market.  Kohler and American Standard Company; two industry leaders is in the bathroom fixture industry; both make models of small corner bath tub. Both companies offer innovative design and customer service.  The warranties from either manufacturer are excellent.You can research what each manufacturer has to offer by visiting local retail showrooms or their internet sites.  Some questions it is helpful to know the answers to before you go browsing for your new small corner bathtub are:

  • What is the measurement of the space you plan to install your small corner bathtub in?  This information will tell if a particular model will fit in your bathroom.
  • What design scheme do you have in mind?  You don’t need a final blueprint for your scheme prepared,Extraordinary Bathrooms with a Small Corner Bathtub Articles but knowing some colors and design styles will help a lot in the quest for the small corner bath tub to match your décor.   Design styles range from traditional cast iron to modern injected molded models with kidney shaped interiors.
  • What is your budget for your new small corner bath tub?  Figure how much of your entire bathroom makeover budget do you want to devote to purchasing a new small corner bathtub.  Keep in mind other items you might be willing to cut or save money on if you need more money to buy the features you want in your tub.  You will be using your new small corner bathtub for a long time.  It is better to get the features you want now.  For instance if you want a whirlpool and you do not get it installed when you order your tub, putting it in later is not a good idea.
  • What features are you looking for in a small corner bath tub? Available features that will add to the overall cost of your small corner bathtub include a whirlpool, air jets, shower door kits, and some designer colors. 

Now that you have a better idea of what small corner bathtub you are going for; you can begin to develop a plan and then finalize your purchase.  Whichever model you decide upon, it is sure to enhance your bathroom. Now is the time to decide upon professional or do it yourself installation. If you are installing the small corner tub into the space of your existing bath unit, a do it yourself installation is possible with a good set of manufacturer’s instructions.Once your small corner tub has been installed you can add the finishing touches to your extraordinary bathroom.  Items such as candles and live plants are beautiful choices.  Let your great taste shine! 

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