Exploring New York City and its Landscape


New York City is a most happening and beautiful city located in the heart of Hudson River. The city is also counted among the most influential city of United States. It has also a lot of important business organizations.

Features of the New York City

Now let’s have some discussion on the basic features of New York City. Since a long time,Exploring New York City and its Landscape Articles New York City is the wealthiest city in the entire world. Most of the goods in this city come from the ports. Wall Street is a very common place located in the southern part of Manhattan in New York City. It is very popular as most the important financial institutions are situated here. The area was also famous during the American Civil War. Even the New York Stock Exchange is located on this street. Thus one can easily presume the importance of the place. The world famous Statue of Liberty measuring about 93 meters is also located in this place.

Landscape of the city

The landscape of the New York City is quite interesting. The city has a distinct feature. Usually, the word landscape signifies the visible characters of the area of land. Therefore landscape of a region is very vital in every aspect. NYC Landscape is a very beautiful one as it consists of five boroughs namely Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island. The total land area of the city is estimated to be about 321 square miles. In this connection, the name of Jozu Terra Design must be mentioned. Located in New York City it has been providing excellent landscape designs since 25 years.

In recent times there have been immense changes in the landscape of the city. There will be a number of mega projects in the city. Many residential complexes are presumed to be constructed. In 2017 it is expected that the residential housing will be affordable to the common man. Rezoning is becoming quite popular.  Discussions are going on to rezone Midtown East of the city.  Besides this side by side proposals have been made to upgrade Gowanus by creating affordable housing societies and residential buildings. Therefore now it is quite easy to assume that there will be abrupt changes in the landscape of the New York City. This is will also bring immense development of business. As new ideas are coming up there will be great modifications in NYC Landscape revealing the true beauty.

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