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Thailand can be unusually surprising for spending New Year as the tropical climate is perfect for being outdoor any time of the day, the nightlife is amazingly fervent and there are lot of ways to make your vacation a relaxing one if you want to be away for a while from the chaos of celebrations.

It’s the end of December and you can sense the onset of jovial vibes,Guest Posting the anxious waiting for the year end to get together with loved ones in celebration. It’s New Year and most people would plan on having the typical year end vacation and travel to places where it is a grand occasion – everywhere you go, its flamboyant fireworks, and all night partying. The whole world would be celebrating elaborately and you wouldn’t want to lag behind on enjoying the zealous night. December month means a break from work and stress for most people; hence travel plans during this season should also aim on relaxation and de-stressing from routine life style. In most destinations, visiting in December could mean places brimming with crowd, peak season price surges and unpleasantly cold weather. Check out our handpicked hot spots in Thailand to welcome New Year in style.

  • Discover the New Year verve of Bangkok
    New Year at Bangkok is amazingly boisterous. The capital city of Thailand feels vibrant during the end of December, with every nook and corner decked up in decorations and twinkling lights, gearing up for New Year Eve celebration. The time beyond dusk is a great way to experience Bangkok’s festive zeal as the city is renowned for its vivacious night life. Many high-end luxury hotels and shopping malls out do themselves at decors featuring giant lanterns, elaborate adornments, illuminated by hundreds of twinkling lights which are quite impressive to view at night. Shopping and dining becomes an extravagant affair, many shopping malls offer exciting discounts and sale, and the food scene comes alive with many food stalls popping up all over the city and restaurants featuring a variety of festive delicacies on their menu. New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to experience Bangkok’s vigour and beauty. Opt for a roof top dining experience which gives you a bird’s eye panorama of the city as well as lets you have a quiet scrumptious dinner away from the bustling city. Later on, bring in the new year with a glass of champagne while enjoying the massive fire work spectacle on Bangkok sky.
  • Start your New Year amid nature at Chiang Mai
    Chiang Mai is Thailand’s hill retreat – a verdant mountain destination on the Northern side of Thailand that features a blend of modern and countryside living. In contrast to Bangkok, Chiang Mai is slow paced and laidback. Even on New Year’s Eve, you will find subtle festive excitement here. On the contrary, if you are looking forward to a calm time away from revelry but with a hint of adventure, Chiang Mai perfectly fits as your ideal choice of destination. You could enjoy your days wandering leisurely visiting medieval sites, monasteries and grand temples. Venture out for an exciting day hiking on the mountains, visiting an elephant camp hidden in verdant forest sanctuaries, and trying out several adventure sports. Unwind the day soaking up at bubbling hot springs and later dining at restaurants serving fabulous Thai food. On New Year’s Eve, people throng at Pae gate, Chiang Mai’s central location to join in street parties, feast on local street stalls, and float sky lanterns into the sky.
  • Pamper yourself with a relaxing Thai Spa holiday
    Thailand is nature’s haven and a blissful escapade for those who look forward to a serene space for relaxing. With plenty of heavenly beaches, turquoise water, and pristine green forests, the country has become a major relaxation hub with opulent spa resorts sprouting at picturesque locations of Krabi, Hua Hin, Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. Detox yourself after your grand New Year celebration – get pampered in serene ambiance and feel revitalized for a fresh year ahead at these spa destinations that have a combination of breath taking nature vistas along with holistic wellness that feels amazingly therapeutic to give you a rejuvenating life experience.
  • Spend New Year’s Eve on a beach
    Beautiful beaches with glistening azure waters and idyllic white sands amid tropical ambiance and sunny days sounds like a perfect spot that spells laid back leisure and Thailand is filled with such tranquil beaches. With a beautiful stretch of coastline that borders the Gulf of Siam and the Pacific Ocean, Thailand is blessed with beautiful beaches that makes it a world renowned beach destination and a ‘not to miss’ attraction in Thailand holiday packages. December is a great time to spend some time in the tropical beaches as the weather is pleasant, the skies are clear and the water is perfect for a good relaxing swim. Thailand beaches can be a fun way to unwind from the daily stresses of life, to relax, have fun and delve on some delicious sea food. Laze around in the day time and enjoy exciting activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling and other water sports. After sunset, enjoy lively New Year evening beach parties at certain Thai beaches to welcome the New Year.
  • Reward yourself on New Year ’s Eve with the best in luxury
    Thailand’s stunning landscapes and breath taking nature vistas has allured some of the world’s best hotel and resort chains to come up with an impressive collection of luxury retreats. Make this New Year a grand affair with a stay at one of these luxury havens where you can enjoy special promotions, bonus night deals, and luxury offers specially launched during New Year period. Splurge a bit, enjoy an idyllic time at stylish resorts overlooking at Thailand’s incredible nature panoramas, have a larger than life experience and bid this year farewell in style.
  • Gear up for an Adventurous New Year
    A country with a diverse topography, Thailand offers an assortment of opportunities when it comes to exploring and adventures. With a vast collection of things to do in Thailand, opt for something unique and head for an adventure trip where you get to enjoy mild to adrenaline pumping activities amid outstanding natural sceneries. Try zip lining, mountain biking and hiking through the verdant rainforests of Chiang Mai, kayaking in the crystal clear waters of Phuket, Koh Samui and Krabi, marvel at the oceanic life with a snorkeling trip at Phang-Nga. For the extreme dare devils, they can challenge their fear with white water rafting, sky diving and waterfall abseiling. Thailand gives you a distinct way to deviate from the normal ways of celebration and truly enjoy your holiday by making your New Year outing an adventurous one that you will remember for a long time.

A New Year holiday trip in Thailand offers you the prospect to experience something different. Join in a large street party, enjoy lip-smacking Asian dishes at the local food outlets, release a good-luck lantern wishing the best for the New Year, spend an adventurous day , go clubbing in trendiest clubs and bars, dine at extravagant restaurants or decide to go the spiritual way by meditating with monks. Whatever way you choose, a New Year trip to Thailand will leave you with unforgettable memories. For tourists who want to experience great party scene and night life, but at the same time need a detour from the maddening rushes, Thailand is an ideal choice for such outdoor enthusiasts, families and couples alike and greets you to amazingly idyllic experiences. Traveling to Thailand has usual travel norms; you will need a valid tourist visa to enter into Thailand. Ensure that you are planning your trip and acquiring a visa for Thailand beforehand so that all your arrangements are smoothly done and you can avoid last minute distress. Certain countries can avail visa on arrival services and are granted a visa on entry at the point of immigration. If your nation requires a visa stamped on the passport before arrival in Thailand, then you have to plan for visa arrangements while planning your Thailand holiday and will have to submit the application form, essential documents, and fees to the Thailand visa application center and get the visa approved and stamped on your passport.

So this New Year, leave your ordinary phase, enjoy an energetic life, marvel at fireworks and sky lanterns, embrace nature and later, let yourself loose on an adventure trip, cherishing Thai hospitality and lip smacking cuisine to your heart’s content.

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