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When you stay in a Bangkok boutique hotel, you are enjoying luxury at a price you can afford in one of the world’s most famous cities. 

The capital of Thailand has an estimated official population of just over 9 million people but the overall megalopolis is believed to be the home to around 20 million. For those who enjoy vacations where they can keep to themselves,Guest Posting the prospect of coming to a city with such a vast population would not be appealing. However, Bangkok is unique because of its range of accommodations that somehow manage to cater to virtually all kinds of people. Nightlife lovers will not find a better place on the planet to enjoy themselves but those seeking solitude can also find it in the form of a Bangkok boutique hotel.

Small on Numbers, Big on SpaceOne of the most interesting things about boutique hotels in Bangkok is their layout. Rather than being gaudy affairs with hundreds of rooms, hotels of this nature are relatively small and usually contain as little as 20 rooms. The benefits of such an arrangement are apparent. How often have you stayed in a hotel where all facilities were constantly being used? It is a frustrating experience when you pay a small fortune for a room only to find that the gym and pool are never free. With a Bangkok boutique hotel, problems with space are non-existent.

Real ServiceThe most common complaint relating to traditional hotels is that there is a dearth of staff. Anyone who has ever worked in such an establishment can testify to this. The existing staff are stretched to the limit and forced to work excessively long hours. As a result, the guest’s overall experience is marred by sub-standard service. Bangkok boutique hotels are unique in the industry because they have a fantastic guest to staff ratio. Guests are never subjected to delays when they look for service which is of a more personal nature. As a result, a guest’s stay is more pleasant and free of drama. 

Hotel ExampleA prime example of a Bangkok boutique hotel is the Praya Palazzo which contains 17 rooms in total. Like many hotels of this kind in Bangkok, the Praya Palazzo offers a stunning view to visitors with the Chao Phraya River’s banks just moments away. As is typical of boutique hotels, the Palazzo is no ordinary hotel building. It is actually a refurbished mansion that is almost 90 years old. This is why there are relatively few rooms in comparison to regular hotels. It also explains the luxury accommodation afforded to visitors. 

Those who travel to Bangkok from overseas will be astonished at the prices quoted by boutique hotels Bangkok. Despite the fact that they offer luxury comparable to a five star hotel, the rooms are well within the budget of the average traveler. If you are heading to Bangkok on vacation, don’t settle for the usual hotel fare where emphasis is placed on your cash rather than your enjoyment. Try a Bangkok boutique hotel on for size. Those who have say that they wouldn’t choose any other form of accommodation. 

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